Connecting to the Municipal Water Supply

Call the Engineering Division at 604-533-6006 and provide the desired connection size & location. An estimated connection cost can be determined. Estimates are $100. This fee is deducted from the final cost if you proceed with the connection, otherwise the estimate fee is non-refundable.

If you wish to proceed with the water connection, visit the Engineering counter at the Civic Facility and complete a Water Connection Permit Application. You will be required to pay the estimated amount, a pro-rated water usage fee, and an inspection fee of $65.


  • To provide an estimate for connections greater than 50mm (2”) in diameter, you must provide an engineered design drawing of the connection. The design should include a plan and profile drawing of the connection from the water main to property line with all potential conflicts shown.
  • Where the municipal water system immediately fronts a property, there are two options:
    • If you wish to have a standard residential 25mm (1”) connection, you are responsible for the actual cost of installation, plus an inspection fee of $65 and a pro-rated water usage fee to the end of the year. The following year, the annual water usage fees will be part of your property taxes and will appear on your tax notice.
    • If you wish to have a connection greater than the standard 25mm (1”) connection, you are responsible for the actual cost of installation, plus an inspection fee of $65. All services larger than 50mm (2”) are metered. User rates are charged on the basis of consumption through a semi-annual Metered Utility Statement.
  • Where the municipal water system does not immediately front a property, the water main must be extended to the property at your expense. You are responsible for the actual cost of installation. Contact the Engineering Department to request a Water main Extension Estimate.

Once a permit is issued, you are responsible for contracting plumbing services, at your expense, to dig a trench and bring a water line from the municipal connection at the property line to a connection at the house. When the work is completed, the trench from the house to the property line must remain open for the Township Building inspector to inspect the work.

When you are ready for inspection, please notify the Permit, Licence & Inspection Services Department at 604-533-6018. When the inspection is approved, the Building Inspector will turn the water on and advise that you can close up the trench.

As per Township of Langley Waterworks Regulation Bylaw 2008 (No. 4697, section 7), if you begin to receive municipal water, you are obligated to decommission your well within 30 days of connection.