Private Well Network

Join the Private Well Network and receive a 20 percent discount on water testing! The Township of Langley encourages you to become a member of the Private Well Network. The network is a community-based initiative designed to encourage private well owners to protect their health, through regular and affordable testing of well water quality.

Well Water Quality

Private Well Network water quality test results are visualized by the Community Mapping Network. To see the results, view the Private Well Network Atlas.

Private Well Network - Langley Map

Membership Benefits

  • It’s free and open to all Township of Langley residents with private wells
  • Receive a 20% discount from Element Materials Technology (Element Vancouver) on testing for: 
    • bacteria
    • general chemistry
  • Become part of a growing network of Township residents protecting our shared groundwater resource

By joining the network, you authorize Element Materials Technology (Element Vancouver) to release your test results to the Private Well Network for inclusion in groundwater maps. View these maps and member’s test results on the Private Well Network website noted below. To respect privacy, all results are anonymously shared on the website.

By sharing water quality test results, aquifer maps, and general information about groundwater, the Private Well Network aims to empower private well owners to take the necessary steps to improve their own well water quality, and to prevent contamination of our common drinking water sources.

How to Join

  • Complete the online Private Well Network sample form
  • Submit the form to Element Materials Technology when picking up instructions and sampling bottles:
    Element Materials Technology
    #104, 19575 – 55A Avenue
    Phone: 604-514-3322
    Fax: 604-514-3323

More Information