Water Wise

Water Wise Poster Did you know... One hundred percent of the municipal water supply delivered to your home is drinking water.

Don't waste what we drink. Be Water Wise!

The Water Wise Program

Water Wise is an initiative of the Township of Langley's Water Resource Management Strategy. It includes a public outreach and educational program delivered annually throughout the Township with the help of the Langley Environmental Partners Society (LEPS).

Since 2002, Water Wise has visited communities and neighbourhoods informing residents about the importance of local groundwater resources, and providing practical ways to conserve and protect our supply.

Water Wise:

  • hosts free workshops;
  • offers tools and economic incentives for residents to conserve water
  • engages residents at community events;
  • provides elementary school level workshops and performances.

To speak with a member of Water Wise, call 604-532-7300 or email waterwise@tol.ca.

Groundwater is Precious

The Township of Langley relies on a mixture of locally sourced groundwater pumped from wells and surface water brought by pipes from Metro Vancouver's Lake Coquitlam reservoir.

Water from Metro Vancouver costs about three times more than using local groundwater. Therefore, there is an economic benefit to ensuring our groundwater is used sustainably and is available for future generations!

Approximately 20% of Langley residents live in rural areas, and are not connected to the municipal water system. These residents depend directly on groundwater from more than 5,000 privately-owned wells.

Use Water Wisely

We are fortunate to live in a region where we have fresh water supplied by mountain snowmelt, winter rainfall, and groundwater aquifers. Even with so many sources, fresh water is limited in supply. In the summer, our water demands double, leading to shortages in water supply and increased pressure on our water infrastructure.

We all need to ensure we are not using water faster than it can be replenished. Follow seasonal water restrictions and reduce your consumption to:

  1. ensure we have enough water available for everyone at all times
  2. reduce operating costs
  3. defer the need to invest in costly infrastructure upgrades

Water Conservation Tips

There's more we can all do to reduce our water consumption.

  • This summer, let your lawn "Go Golden." If you do water, remember your lawn only needs one-hour's worth (or 1 inch) of water per week.
  • Sweep sidewalks driveways rather than hosing them down.
  • Install a spring loaded auto shut-off nozzle on your hose.
  • Use a rain barrel to collect water for your garden.
  • Landscape with native or drought tolerant plants that will thrive without much water. Check out the Grow Green Guide to learn more.
  • Retain lawn moisture by:
    • Cutting grass no shorter than 5-6 cm to shade roots;
    • Leaving grass clippings on your lawn.
  • Check irrigation systems for leaks and make sure they are set to seasonal restrictions times.
  • Use a hose timer so you don't have to remember to shut off your sprinkler.
  • Wash your car less often or use a commercial car wash that recycles water.
  • Check your toilet and faucets for leaks.
  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth or shaving.
  • Install faucet aerators.
  • Install a low volume toilet or a low flow shower head.
  • Shorten your shower time or turn off the water while lathering.
  • Don't use your toilet as a waste basket.
  • Purchase water-efficient appliances only.
  • Run only full loads in the dishwasher and clothes washer.
  • Keep a jug of water in the fridge instead of running the tap until cold.
  • Use a bucket of water for cleaning instead of letting the tap run.