Business Licences

Every business in the Township of Langley is required to have a valid Business Licence before beginning operation. This includes home-based businesses and commercial and industrial operations. Business Licences are also required for companies located in other municipalities but who do work in the Township of Langley, such as contractors. 

Inspections of your business premises by several different authorities may be required prior to your application being approved. New or relocated applicants should plan for a minimum timeline of 30 business days for these inspections to be completed.

A Business Licence is only valid for the property noted on the Business Licence and is not transferable in the event of a change of owner.

Business Licence Applications

Business Licence applications can be emailed along with the appropriate checklist and application form to Business Licence applications can also be mailed to the Business Licence Department or dropped off between 8:30am and 4:00pm, Monday to Friday.

Applying for a Business Licence? 

Business Licence forms and checklists must be submitted along with any required certifications.

If you intend to make any alterations and or additions to your business premises, a Building Permit may be required.

Need a little help with the application process?

Check out this handy Guide to Business Licence Application Process.

Looking to renew your Business Licence online?

Visit the Township's secure Business Licence Renewal page.