Applying for a Business Licence

Steps to applying for a Business Licence

  • Ensure the business use is permitted in the zone where the business is to operate
  • Complete the application form and corresponding checklist
  • Obtain copies of any certifications required and floor plans as noted on the checklist
  • Email the documents to and include the name of the business in the subject line of the email
  • You will be notified when your application has been entered, and will be requested to submit payment
  • The application will be reviewed to ensure compliance with certain requirements
  • A Fire Department and/or Building Department inspection may be required to ensure compliance with applicable regulations
  • Additional external approvals may be required based on the type of business
  • A Business Licence will be issued provided all requirements are met

For additional information, check out the Guide to Business Licence Application Process.

Business Licence Forms

Your Business Licence Application Form must be submitted along with the corresponding checklist and supporting documentation. When emailing the information to, please ensure the name of the business is included in the subject line of your email.

Business Licence Application Form

Business Licence Checklists

Other Forms