Engineering Jobs

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No matter where you look in the Township of Langley, you will see the projects and services provided by the Engineering Division. From clean water delivered to homes and wastewater flushed away, to garbage, organic, and recycling collection, to conservation of our urban forest, these are only a portion of the Engineering Divisions’ portfolio.

Our Engineering Departments

Staff in eleven integrated departments work in close collaboration for the maintenance of the Township’s water, sewer, storm water, and roads systems, along with all municipal buildings, parks, trails, cemeteries, fleet vehicles, and trees on public lands. Traffic safety, environmental protection through education and public programs, as well as project management for major infrastructure make up this Division’s diverse responsibilities.

What Our Employees Are Saying

Working for the Township provides me a secure and reliable job that allows me to be with my family. On evenings and weekends, I'm with my family. During the week, I'm with my work family. The benefit is the job itself. 
Leo, Foreman I, Roads Operations

I can picture myself working with the Township for a long time because the opportunities here are so diverse. Applying for internal job postings allows me to put down roots in the organization, but encourages me to grow and move up in my career. 
Michelle, Support Clerk, Engineering Business Support

Working at the Township provides a great work-life balance. It allows me to unplug and recharge for the next day, but still encourages me to take next steps in my career, such as pursuing designation as a professional engineer.
Robby, Junior Project Engineer, Engineering and Construction Services

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