Frequently Asked Questions

Questions often asked by prospective paid-call members:

The required training for paid-call firefighters is provided by the department at no cost to the individual.

All required personal protective equipment (PPE) is provided by the department at no cost to the individual.

The recruit training program is spread over an 8-week period. It is a practical program, given on weekday evenings and on weekends to make it more convenient for paid-call members. The expectation is that you will attend 100% of this initial training. Ongoing training is given on a weekday evening and on weekends. There is an annual attendance expectation that paid-call firefighters are required to maintain.

Normal WorkSafeBC coverage is in effect whenever the individual is working for the department. The Township also has insurance coverage for auto liability when operating department vehicles, as well as accidental death and disability coverage at no cost to the individual.

Paid-call firefighters are paid for attending required, approved training and for all emergency call-outs at the rate set by the municipality.

Expectation of 2 hours per week for training. The department expectation is that you will attend at least 70% of the annual scheduled training sessions. The number of hours for call-outs varies from hall to hall, but members are expected to attend 40% of the annual emergency call-outs. There is no ceiling on how much you can participate in optional duties such as tours and public education, as well as other activities.

The department expects that all available members will respond immediately, and in a safe manner, to a page out.

Prior training will likely reduce the time necessary to develop the minimum skills that the department looks for in its paid-call firefighters, but participation in all programs is still required in order to demonstrate your proficiency.

There is a medical examination. Your doctor must complete a form provided by the Fire Department.