Fort Langley Cemetery 23105 St. Andrews Avenue
Langley Lawn Cemetery 4393 - 208 Street
Murrayville Cemetery 21405 - 44 Avenue


     Resident    Non-Resident
Casket Right of Interment $3,488 $6,976
Casket Interment Fees* $1,443 $1,443
Cremation Right of Interment $1,511 $3,023
Cremation Interment Fees* $667 $667
Scattering Garden Right of Interment $372 $372
Scattering Garden Interment Fees - -
Niche Wall Right of Interment $3,402 $3,666
NIche Wall Interment Fees $518 $518
Marker Permit Fee $386 $386
Marker Reset Fee $180 $180


*Grave liners and cremation liners are mandatory. Prices are subject to change.

**Fees are subject to 5% GST and a Long Term Care Fund charge is included.

Cemetery Bylaws

Please review Cemetery Bylaw 2016 No 5236

In particular, please note Section 18:  No person shall adorn any Lot in a Cemetery, except for the placement of cut flowers, wreaths, flower offerings, and artificial flowers, which will be removed by the Administrator when their condition is considered to be detrimental to the aesthetics of a Cemetery or for the purpose of regular Cemetery maintenance.


For more information or to book an appointment, please contact the Cemetery office at 604-534-5965.