Heritage Advisory Committee

The Heritage Advisory Committee (HAC) is a Council-appointed body established to provide advice on heritage related matters. The Committee was established by Council to:

  • Make recommendations on matters related to the identification, preservation, and recognition of community heritage assets;
  • Provide timely input as requested on heritage resources and areas impacted by development;
  • Undertake or support heritage activities authorized by Council that contribute to the promotion, appreciation, understanding, and advancement of heritage conservation in the Township.

2021 Appointed Membership

Tom Annandale, Chris Boughen (Community Co-Chair), Kevin Gan, Rosemary Genberg, Scott Jacobsen, Ted Lightfoot, Fred Pepin, Harold Whittell, Councillor Bob Long (Councillor Co-Chair), Councillor Margaret Kunst (Councillor Co-Chair)


The Committee is interested in the stewardship of Langley’s tangible and intangible heritage values. Built and cultural heritage values exist in historic sites, and in the character of heritage areas, streetscapes, and neighbourhoods. Rural and natural landscapes provide heritage values in landmarks, vistas, fertile plains, country roads, naturally wooded areas, significant watercourses and specifically planted features and landscapes. Historic cemeteries represent social, historical, structural, and archaeological heritage values. Heritage values exist in transportation links through layouts, routing, technology, numbering, and naming related to roads, trails, rails, crossings, air, and water transportation methods. Events and celebrations reflect traditional practices and cultural heritage values. Heritage objects and collections represent archaeological, First Nations, and non-aboriginal heritage values.

Council will consider Langley’s geographic diversity and public interest, and appoint applicants who possess knowledge and expertise in the areas of community history, built, natural and cultural heritage, conservation, heritage preservation techniques, community engagement, and heritage interpretation practices. Applications are accepted each year during the month of October for members to start in January.

Meeting Dates

The committee meets the first Wednesday of every month except for July and August. Refer to the Council Calendar for meeting dates.