Connected Communities Pilot Project


To create more pedestrian and cyclist-friendly streets and support COVI9-19 economic recovery, the Township of Langley is conducting a pilot project to add pedestrian plaza space in Fort Langley. In addition, the Connected Communities project will include improvements to cycling routes connecting Walnut Grove and Fort Langley, as well as additional bicycle parking on Glover Road in early fall.

Beginning Monday, August 15, the temporary plaza will sit atop two street-parking spaces on Glover Road at Mary Avenue. The plaza will provide a place for visitors to sit and relax, enjoy the community and amenities of Fort Langley, and will not affect traffic flow. The plaza is scheduled to stay in place until mid-autumn.

Motorists can download the Connected Communities Fort Langley parking map to help find parking near downtown Fort Langley.

Did you know?

Ensuring the plaza was made of, and decorated with, sustainable materials is an important part of this pilot project. The plaza also includes measures to keep costs low, whenever possible.

  • The seating at the plaza is constructed from reclaimed old growth timber, salvaged from the Engelwood Railway in Woss, B.C., located on northern Vancouver Island.
  • The decorative planters are former whiskey barrels, cut in half, and donated by a local business.
  • The plants in the barrels, repurposed from previous landscape works, were selected because they are low-maintenance, relatively drought-tolerant and require minimal watering.
  • The plaza was built in-house by Township crews.
  • Nearby multi-stream waste bins make cleaning up convenient for visitors.


Partially funded through external grants from TransLink and the Healthy Communities Initiative, the Connected Communities pilot project was first introduced to, and endorsed by, Township of Langley Mayor and Council in July 2021. In spring 2022, preliminary engagement with nearby businesses was sought by staff to ensure feedback from the business community was considered in the design and scope of the project.

The Connected Communities Pilot Project supports the goals of the Township’s Climate Action Strategy, including reducing carbon emissions from the use of personal vehicles.  The plaza and cycling improvements also promote active travel (such as walking and biking), increases foot traffic for businesses, and enhances the sense of community by creating gathering and leisure space. The plaza also includes features to ensure it is more accessible for all people, such as a sidewalk-grade platform deck and space for strollers, scooters, and wheelchairs.

The Plaza

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