Business and Industry

Business growth

The Township of Langley has become one of the most active and attractive land markets in Metro Vancouver. From major international corporations and industrial production to specialty boutiques and agricultural production, the Township is one of the fastest growing municipalities in the region. Over the past decade business licences have steadily climbed year after year to reach a current total of 7,000 businesses.

Agriculture sector

With 75% of the Township’s lands dedicated to the Agricultural Land Reserve, farming continues to play a significant role in the local economy. In fact, the Township represents nearly 80% of Metro Vancouver’s contribution to the province’s gross farm receipts, while comprising only about half of Metro Vancouver’s farms. 

An abundance of specialty crops and products are produced here, ranging from world-class wines and organic turkey to seasonal favourites like berries and Christmas trees. While commercial scale dairy, livestock breeding, and poultry operations continue to remain staples of farming, export-oriented greenhouse production and mushroom production, along with the application of science to intensify production, are changing the face of agriculture. In addition, many farms have ventured into niche markets, created new food products, and have established agritourism attractions.

Agricultural lands are not limited to food production. Equestrian activities, from recreational riding to the breeding and training of competition horses, make an important contribution to the agricultural economy.

Accommodation and food services sector (tourism)

The Township of Langley is home to 20 accommodation properties and nearly 300 food and beverage service establishments, providing the community with about $30 million in annual revenue. With growing business and residential sectors, future growth in this industry remains promising.

Equally vibrant within our tourism sector is sport tourism. The Township of Langley hosts a high volume of diverse sports events through the year in both indoor and outdoor facilities. We are equally home to a number of sports teams including the Langley Thunder and the Vancouver Giants; local university basketball, hockey and volleyball teams.

Visit the Tourism Langley website for more information.

Air transportation sector

The Langley Regional Airport (YNJ) is a centre of excellence for helicopter and general aviation business. Welcoming up to 100,000 rotary and fixed-wing traffic movements per year, YNJ is one of the busiest general aviation airports in the country. The airport is home to 55 aviation businesses providing everything from chartered helicopter and fixed-wing flights to aerospace innovation, parts manufacturing, and maintenance. 


Education sector

The Township of Langley is home to 45 elementary and secondary schools with more than 2,500 teachers and staff, and a variety of specialized early learning programs. The community is also home to two degree-granting institutions, Trinity Western University and Kwantlen Polytechnic University, and a plethora of continuing education and workplace skills training programs. 

Food and beverage processing sector

With a large agricultural land base, economical industrial lands, and proximity to affluent local markets and distribution networks, the Township of Langley makes an ideal location for Food and Beverage Processing companies. An estimated 55% of all BC food processing firms are located in this region. The Township is also home to many local wineries featuring award-winning wines through wine-tasting rooms, bistros and restaurants. The Township in particular is a popular destination because of its proximity to raw food sources. 

Heathcare and social assistance sector

Being a designated "Age Friendly" community, supporting a population of all ages, the Township of Langley is seeing growth in retirement residents, assisted living, home healthcare, naturopathic services and residential care facilities. The Langley Memorial Hospital with 210 regular in addition to extended care beds, is complemented by 21 multiple residential care homes and assisted living facilities in Langley.

Home-based business sector

With the growth of e-commerce and telecommuting, home-based businesses are on the rise. It is estimated that 7.4% of the workforce in British Columbia work from home. This holds true for Langley where there are many business licences issued for home-based operations ranging from accountants and hairdressers to contractors. 

Manufacturing sector

The Township of Langley has become a popular site selection for manufacturers. Plenty of industrial land combined with low land costs, proximity to Vancouver and the US border crossing, a skilled workforce, and a desirable quality of life, has made it the choice for many high-value, design-oriented, and labour intensive operations. 

Examples of industrial activities

  • Aircraft and Helicopter Parts Production and Repair
  • Architectural Lighting Design
  • Food Processing/Manufacturing
  • Mining Equipment Fabrication
  • Paint Product Development
  • Precision Machinery Fabrication
  • Value-Added Softwood Lumber Processing

Motion picture and sound recording sector

The Township of Langley is a hotspot for film production. The community's diverse locations, landscapes and settings, excellent production capabilities, and financial incentives have made the Township one of the most film friendly municipalities in BC's Lower Mainland. During the 2017 – 2018 fiscal year, the film and TV sector contributed $3.4 billion to British Columbia's economy. 

From feature films starring Robert Redford, Harrison Ford, Blake Lively, Clive Owen, Susan Sarandon, John Travolta, Juliette Binoche, Anne Hathaway and Kate Beckinsale; to made-for-TV movies, the Township of Langley has a vibrant film sector. Popular film productions have included TV series such as the famed Once Upon a Time, Bates Motel, Arctic Air, The Haunting Hour, The 100, Cedar Cove, Supernatural and more.

With federal and provincial film tax credits, plus a bonus tax credit for filming east of 200 Street, the Township of Langley has become a preferred destination for film production. With simple, straight-forward and timely services at reasonable rates, the Township of Langley is the place to film. Learn more about filming in the Township of Langley.

Retail sector

The Township of Langley has a bustling retail sector with Willowbrook Shopping Centre, as its regional town centre shopping mall, as well as multiple commercial neighbourhoods:

  • Aldergrove Village Shopping Centre
  • Cedarbrook Mall - Brookswood
  • Langley Crossing Shopping Centre
  • Langley Smart Centre
  • Thunderbird Village
  • Walnut Grove Town Centre
  • Willoughby Town Centre