Business Walks

Business Walks

Business Walks were officially launched in 2012 by the BC Economic Development Association. Business Walks were designed to build community relationships, learn about potential local business climate issues, and share information with businesses to support the growth of a strong and vibrant community. It is an opportunity for local leaders and representatives to connect with local businesses face-to-face.

How do they work?

Small teams of two to three representatives walk from business to business asking a set of two to three questions. Responses are recorded, and the data collected is aggregated for review and consideration by Mayor and Council.

Participating businesses are also provided with useful small-business resources.

If you would like more information about Business Walks, please email us at or call 778-366-2033.

2022 Business Walk 

On November 2, 2022 the Township of Langley and the Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce co-led the 2022 Business Walk throughout several commercial areas in Willowbrook (Langley Town Centre). Township and Chamber staff were joined by representatives from local stakeholder organizations including WorkBC, Langley Local Immigrations Partnership, Langley Community Service Society, Langley Seniors Resources Society, Tourism Langley, the RCMP, and senior students from a local secondary school.

We appreciate the feedback we received during this walk and through our online survey. 

Business Walk survey results

The Township of Langley would like to acknowledge the efforts made by the students of RE Mountain Secondary School, and all the participating Organizations and Businesses.
1. Please rate the current state of your business

Survey results - rate the current state of your business (bar graph and bar graph overlayed on Langley map)

The left image illustrates that 83% of businesses surveyed see a positive state being either ‘Steady’ or ‘Increasing’. The map on the right shows the approximate geographic breakdown of those results, with the colour representing the response, green for good, yellow for fair, and red for slow, and the height of the bar representing the number of businesses in that area that expressed that view.

2. From the following options, what do you like MOST about doing business in Willowbrook?

Bar graph - what do you like most about doing business in Willowbrook?

This figure demonstrates that the most frequent responses were ‘location’ and ‘clientele’. Businesses could opt to select more than one, and several businesses opted to not provide an answer.

3. How can business be improved?

Respondents were asked to describe how they felt business could be improved. While some respondents suggested improvements to existing government support programs and municipal government initiatives, many described both valuable and challenging aspects impacting their businesses.

Word cloud with business improvement ideas

This and the similar image in question four represent general themes from the recorded anecdotes, with the size of the word increasing based on the frequency used. Amongst suggested initiatives for government, respondents identified parking improvements, vulnerable populations support, crime, safety, and traffic.

4. The SkyTrain is anticipated to be in service in Langley in 2028. What does the Township need to consider for the SkyTrain to be a benefit to your business?

Concerns about the potential for increased crime, area traffic, safety, and an increased vulnerable population were identified by respondents. Separately, many respondents expressed interest in area walkability and accessibility through pedestrian-oriented infrastructure.

Word cloud with considerations for the future SkyTrain line in Langley

Overall, respondents expressed interest in the increased accessibility that SkyTrain will bring, the prospect of new customers, as well as improved transit options for employees. In general, respondents of businesses closer to the SkyTrain node viewed it as a benefit while those further from the SkyTrain node were largely indifferent about its value unless additional buses and community shuttles are included as well. Of those respondents that expressed concerns, the potential for increased crime and the vulnerable population was commonly shared.

Resources for businesses

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