Public Safety and Community Risk

Explore all things fire safety, featuring essential information on fire department initiatives, business licence fire inspections, food truck inspections, safety tips, fireworks regulations, outdoor burning permits, cooking guidelines and community risk programs.
Business licence fire inspections

Learn about business licence fire inspections to ensure that your business operates safely and in compliance with regulations.

Fire safety initiatives

Discover the Fire Department's ongoing safety initiatives for keeping the community safe while providing valuable insights for proactive learning.

Fire safety tips

Learn essential fire safety tips and knowledge shared by our Public Education Division, focusing on fire prevention, survival strategies, and proactive planning to ensure community safety.


Learn about the permitting process, safety regulations, and community guidelines regarding fireworks.

Food truck inspections
Food truck inspections
Learn about the required annual fire inspection for food truck and MOFSU vendors and how to book and prepare for one.
Incidental outdoor burning permits

Learn more about burning regulations, guidelines, and frequently asked questions to ensure safe and responsible burning practices.

Outdoor cooking

Discover the approved and prohibited methods for outdoor cooking in compliance with Township of Langley regulations.

Programs and events

Stay informed about upcoming Public Safety and Community Risk Programs and the Fire Department's involvement in community events.