The Township of Langley is home to more farms and more farmed area than any other municipality in Metro Vancouver. Nearly half of all farms in Metro Vancouver are in the Township (1,103 farms total), with annual gross farm receipts of $340 million in 2016. Approximately 75% of Township parcels in the ALR are smaller than 4 hectares (10 acres). The number of smaller parcels is an opportunity to encourage intensive operations not requiring a large land base, as well as direct farm market operations that are able to capitalize on their proximity to the Metro Vancouver market. Township of Langley benefits from high quality soils, proximity to markets, and a mild climate.



of land in the agricultural land reserve (ALR)

$340 million

Gross farm receipts in 2016

$2.9 billion

Farm capital in 2015


Total farms

Agricultural viability strategy

The Township of Langley Council endorsed the Agricultural Viability Strategy (AVS) in July 2013. The AVS assists the Township in achieving its agricultural potential. The strategy outlines four areas of emphasis:

  • Providing a welcoming business environment for farming
  • Providing the required services and infrastructure
  • Providing a secure agricultural land base
  • Ensuring farmer use of best farm management practices

Learn more about the agricultural viability strategy.

With one-of-a-kind farm experiences, from wineries to equestrian activities, agritourism market is also very prevalent in the Township of Langley. Tourism Langley, the Township's Destination Management Organization, celebrates and promotes the wide variety of activities in the Township.