Keeping Public Spaces Safe For Everyone

With more than 100 parks, trails, and green spaces to explore, the Township of Langley is full of beautiful spots for strolling, playing, walking the dog, and taking in the fresh air.

As people and their pets head out to experience these places during the changing seasons, the Township reminds the public that bylaws are in place to ensure the great outdoors can be enjoyed by all.

“While most people take pride in their community and behave responsibly in public spaces, there are instances when actions can pose a health threat or safety concern to other visitors, or to the environment,” said Township Manager of Parks Operations Tab Buckner. “We have regulations in place to keep everyone safe, and benefit all those who use the Township parks, conservation areas, playing fields, and school property.”

Last year, the Township’s parks bylaw was revised and updated. Now called Public Spaces Regulation Bylaw 2018 No. 5298, it includes some notable changes that are in effect.

The Township’s public spaces are now 100 percent smoke-free. Smoking in all forms – whether it is of tobacco or cannabis products or e-cigarettes – is prohibited in all public spaces, except where designated, to keep the air clean and prevent smoking-related litter.

Another change is that dogs are no longer permitted on sports fields.

Previously, they could be brought to fields if they were leashed, but there were too many instances of dogs being allowed to dig holes or leaving waste on them.

“You don’t want children stepping in a hole and injuring themselves, or players sliding in dog waste,” said Buckner. “It’s a health and safety concern for those using the park facilities.”

Dogs are welcome in all Township of Langley parks, providing they are on a leash. Designated dog off-leash areas can be found at Bertrand Creek Dog Park, the Walnut Grove Off-Leash Park, Noel Booth Community Park, Old Yale Park, Routley Park, and Yorkson Community Park.

Owners are responsible for their dog’s actions, and dogs must be under control at all times. Owners must clean up after their dogs immediately and dispose of the waste in designated dog waste bins, such as those found at Walnut Grove Community Park and Noel Booth Park, or bagged and put in the garbage.

Another change to the public spaces bylaw states that unmanned aerial vehicles – commonly known as drones – may not be operated in or around park or school space unless authorized.

Those who do not follow the public spaces bylaw may face fines.

For more information and a full list of regulations featured in Public Spaces Regulation Bylaw 2018 No. 5298, visit or contact 604.532.7350 or