September Murrayville Water Discoloration

Water for Murrayville residents is supplied through a blend of ground water wells and Metro Vancouver water.

The ground water includes trace amounts of iron and manganese, which are normally not visible.  These minerals pose no health concerns in drinking water.  The Township adds chlorine to the ground water supply, as required, to address any micro-organisms before it is mixed with Metro Vancouver water and delivered to homes in the area. Iron and manganese become visible when the blended water spends time in the distribution system, or the chlorine concentration increases.

The blend of local groundwater and Metro Vancouver water is dynamic, which can affect both the percentage of ground water and the level of chlorine in the system.  This past weekend, the chlorine levels slowly increased which caused the water discolouration that residents observed.  Crews were mobilized to flush the Murrayville water system, and have adjusted the chlorine level accordingly.

While there may be a fair amount of colour in the water coming through your tap, it continues to meet the Canadian Drinking Water Standards.  Residents are encouraged to run their taps until the water is clear, and to contact the Township at 604-532-7300 during regular business hours, or 604-543-6722 evenings, weekends, or holidays, as we may be able to flush the system to assist in removing the coloured water.

Engineering Division