Township Seeks Input on 216 Street Corridor Study

The Township of Langley is preparing a Request for Proposals (RFP) with a Terms of Reference and scope of work for a study of the 216 Street Corridor (Telegraph Trail to 96 Avenue) in Walnut Grove.

The purpose of the study is to review the existing conditions on the corridor and to identify the short and long-term needs anticipated with increased traffic resulting from the opening of the 216 Street and Highway 1 Interchange.

The study will occur in two phases, with an Interim Corridor Study to be completed by the end of 2019 before the interchange opens.

The second phase, a Final Corridor Study, will take place following the opening of the Interchange and the establishment and survey of new traffic patterns and volumes. The Final Corridor Study will provide an update to the findings and recommendations of the Interim Corridor Study based upon actual traffic volumes.

The Terms of Reference is envisioned to include information on the corridor, including its role and function, results of previous studies, and current and planned infrastructure works underway in the area being undertaken by both the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI) and the Township. The Terms of Reference will also consider input previously received from local area residents, including:

  • concerns with increased traffic and impact to safety
  • the need for traffic signals at some intersections, or other intersection improvements
  • the need for additional pedestrian crossings and infrastructure
  • the need for cycling facilities
  • potential on-street parking impacts
  • vehicle speed and ways to calm traffic
  • school areas on 216 Street in relation to safely accommodating walking
  • cycling
  • pick-up and drop-off activities
  • access from cross streets
  • left turn lanes or medians
  • truck traffic
  • traffic shortcutting through residential neighbourhoods
  • encouraging and safely accommodating more active transportation

In addition to opportunity for public input, it is also anticipated that the study will include consultation with stakeholders such as ICBC and TransLink.

The scope of work is envisioned to include the following:

  • site visits
  • traffic, cycling, and pedestrian surveys
  • a review of existing and planned infrastructure
  • assessment of existing and future traffic conditions
  • a safety analysis of intersections and other access points
  • the needs of the adjacent residential and school land uses
  • all modes of transportation
  • parking considerations
  • future transit services
  • short- and long-term infrastructure improvements

The study may request technical memorandums for items such as the role, function and current conditions, future conditions, traffic safety, active transportation and parking, transit, and public input received in the development of an Interim Corridor Study.

Following the completion of the Interim Corridor Study, it is anticipated that the information and findings would be updated following the opening of the 216 Street Interchange when updated traffic information is available, with the subsequent issuance of a Final Corridor Study.

As part of the development of the scope of work and Terms of Reference for the study, the Township invites interested parties to provide input and comments on items of concern or other considerations.

Comments and suggestions can be submitted to the Township at, faxed to 604-533-6098, or dropped in-person or mailed to the attention of 216 Street Study, Engineering Division at the Township Civic Facility located at 20338 - 65 Avenue, Langley, BC, V2Y 3J1.

In order to proceed with the study in a timely manner, the Township asks that all submissions be received prior to 4:30pm on Monday, June 24, 2019.