Guidance for Water and Sewer Services When Reopening Buildings

Response to COVID-19 has caused the closure or reduced occupancy of many buildings such as offices, retail outlets, and restaurants. As businesses and facilities prepare to reopen, we encourage building owners and operators to be aware of issues that could affect the safety of water and sewer services in their building.

While municipal utilities are responsible for supplying clean, safe drinking water to each property, it is the responsibility of each property owner to ensure they maintain the safety of water within their building.

How to ensure clean water in newly-reopened buildings

Prior to re-opening or fully reoccupying a building, building managers should flush stagnant water, clean taps and fixtures, and test to ensure the water in their building is safe. To flush your lines, turn on a cold-water tap and let the water run for 30 minutes.

The Canadian Water and Wastewater Association has prepared a fact sheet and checklist for the safe reopening of buildings. Read the Safely Reopening of Buildings for Building Owners/Operators fact sheet.

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