Snow and Extreme Weather Information

Did you get ready for winter? Read information and FAQs about how we prepare, our snow and ice control for roadways, curbside collection during extreme weather, field status, winter tips, and more.


Road Maintenance Updates - Friday January 17

Thank you for your ongoing patience as crews continue to work on maintaining 500+ km of roads during this ongoing snow and ice event:

  • Crews continue to follow the snow and ice control policy on priority route cleaning, and are endeavoring to work down through the priority route roadways.
  • Due to repeated snowfalls, crews need to return to First Priority routes and some Second Priority routes to keep them clear before moving to other routes.
  • As temperatures rise and snow melts over the coming days, residents can help reduce flooding risks by clearing nearby catch basins of snow and ice to allow melting snow and slush to drain properly.
  • To keep drainage paths open, please do not put snow on the road when clearing sidewalks and driveways.
  • Read snow and ice FAQs here.


Road Maintenance Updates - Wednesday January 15

Thank you for your patience as crews work around the clock on maintaining 500+ km of roads during this snow and ice event:

  • Tuesday from 12pm to 12midnight, 14 plow trucks were out with 2 area supervisors and a loader operator.
  • At midnight Tuesday crews were rotated and there are 16 trucks out with 2 area supervisors and a loader operator
  • We have stayed on First priority routes and have a travel lane open up on most these and we will concentrate on widening the snow off the road.  
  • Crews are also working on bus stops and intersection sidewalks.
  • We anticipated going around the clock with another shift change at noon Wednesday and again at midnight into Thursday to work on maintain 500+ kilometres of roadways.


Snow and Ice Control on Roadways

Township of Langley crews work to maintain more than 500 kilometres of roadways during snow and ice events.

Thank you for your patience as we work to clear snow and ice during winter conditions and extreme weather events.

Snow Removal Reminder

Snow has returned this winter season, and Township of Langley residents and businesses are reminded that they are responsible for keeping their sidewalks clear, for everyone’s safety. Read the bylaw information here.

Snow and Ice FAQs

Read answers to frequently asked questions about snow and ice control, street plowing, snow safety tips, and more.

Field Closures

As winter weather continues, you can view current Field Status Reports here in real-time.

Garbage, Organics, and Recycling Collection

Curbside collection may be impacted by winter conditions.  For tips and information, visit Curbside Collection in Winter Conditions.

Aldergrove Credit Union Community Centre Pool Schedule

Expect modified pool hours and closures at Aldergrove Credit Union Community Centre to help ensure health and safety of guests during extreme weather. Please check updated pool schedules before your visit.

Winter Driving Tips

During extreme weather and road conditions, if you must drive: use winter tires, drive slowly and carefully, give extra travel time, and increase distance between cars. Better yet, take transit if you can. Read more winter weather driving tips from ICBC.

Outdoor Skating

Ponds in the Township of Langley may look inviting, but you do not know if the ice thickness is safe for skating or other activities. Please stay off the ice.

Weather Reports