Update: Unauthorized Use of Township Property

Following the memo to Council on July 9, an update regarding access to an environmentally-sensitive area adjacent to Yorkson Creek on the north side of 88 Avenue in the 20500 block has been provided.

The Township of Langley strives to keep community members safe, protect our environment, and reduce associated liability concerns, all in the best interest of the public and in accordance with bylaws, policies, and procedures established by Council. This is done in numerous ways including ensuring dangerous and environmentally-sensitive areas are protected from access and damage caused by unauthorized use and activities.

Recently, a location in Walnut Grove was inspected and revealed damage and unauthorized obstacles, likely created by youth who ride their BMX bikes in the area. The damage and obstacles, coupled with the area’s steep embankments, created significant safety hazards for all who were using the area and had resulted in the destruction of the environment, riparian area, and vegetation.

To bring safety to community members, environmental protection to the land, and minimize associated liability, the Township has begun repairing damaged areas, installing fencing, and restoring the area to its natural condition.

To enhance the area for all community members to enjoy, and based on public safety and environmental protection principles, the Township is pursuing the feasibility to construct a new crossing and building of a properly designed and constructed trail. This is in addition to replacing the existing pedestrian bridge crossing nearby, which is currently closed to the public due to safety concerns identified by qualified professionals. The Township will be installing signage in the area to provide information on the bridge closure and trail system.

The bridge replacement and trail extension project will be submitted as part of the 2021 Capital Budget for Council’s consideration. The Township of Langley appreciates resident feedback on this matter. Input should be sent as part of the public consultation phase of the annual budget process, which typically occurs early in the new year, before any budgets are approved. Public consultation opportunities for the 2021 annual budget process will be advertised on our website and social media channels when dates are determined.

Engineering Division