Bin Travelling? Garbage and Green Carts Across the Township

From time to time, Township of Langley garbage and Green Carts end up where they don’t belong. Some carts mysteriously vanish in one community and appear in another, while others sit roadside with no home in sight.

During delivery, the Township links every garbage and Green Cart to an address by means of serial number and RFID (radio-frequency identification) tag. When collection crews uncover deserted carts, they scan and reunite the carts with their rightful home.

If you come across stray Township carts, help us get them home by calling the Engineering Division at 604-532-7300. Some locations we’ve found stray carts include ditches, parking lots, and even left behind at transfer stations and recycling depots. When calling in, we appreciate the serial number of the cart you saw, though it is not required.

If your cart has gone missing, report your lost cart to the Township’s Engineering Division.

Similarly, if extra carts have found their way to your property, please call us to remove them. Crews will be double-checking properties with multiple carts to ensure they’re registered correctly.

For more information on the municipal cart program, visit

Engineering Division