Why Buy Local? The Township of Langley Has Plenty of Reasons

Farm-fresh crops and food, breweries, and wineries. Bicycle and ATV shops, golf courses, and drive-ins. Premium retail locations and unique dining experiences. These are just a few reasons to Buy Local, and there is no better time to do so than in the summertime – especially in a place like the Township of Langley.

Buy Local

“Business diversity is at the core of our community’s economy. This summer, whether you are thinking about a staycation, checking out our many festivals and events, or looking to enjoy the season’s abundance of fresh produce, the Township has you covered,” said Val Gafka, the Township’s Senior Manager of Economic Investment and Development. “Not only are there plenty of satisfying options, making the choice to spend local has beneficial ripple effects that contribute to the growth and health of our entire community.”

Local businesses enhance the municipality’s economic vitality, create jobs, enhance prosperity, and connect and support residents socially, Gafka said, noting that for every $100 spent locally, $46 is recirculated within the community.

Close to 7,000 businesses operate in the Township, the majority of which are small business. These businesses support diversity in urban and rural communities and are a foundation to all industry sectors. In the Township, sectors include agriculture and agri-tourism, construction, creative/film, education, applied technology and manufacturing, aviation, tourism and sport hosting, wholesale trade, transportation, and warehousing. To learn more about the business sectors that create opportunities for our community to thrive, visit invest.tol.ca.

Residents also play a pivotal role in contributing to the Township’s economic vitality, by simply exercising their purchasing power and shopping in our community.

“There is so much available here and finding the right business to meet your needs has never been easier,” said Gafka, as the Township has an online Business License Directory that can be searched in a number of ways. 

Those looking for things to do in the Township will find Tourism Langley’s website filled with information and opportunities. The website equally suggests activities to visitors based on search patterns. Check out their new website at tourism-langley.ca.

“There is such a diversity of local attractions available, they make day-tripping and staycations both fun and an economical choice for your pocketbook, especially with the cost of vehicle fuel,” said Gafka. “Check out Tourism Langley for places to eat and drink, stay, explore, shop, see and do, and for the latest events happening right here in the Township. You will be pleasantly inspired by everything our community has to offer.”

One of the best places to Buy Local is the Langley Community Farmers Market, which has been operating for over 10 years. Fraser Valley products ranging from fresh fruits and vegetables, baked goods, and wines and ciders, to meat and fish, and arts and crafts are available. The Summer Market is open to the public in the campus courtyard of Kwantlen Polytechnic University on the Langley Bypass every Wednesday from 12:00pm to 4:30pm until the end of October. Residents are encouraged to bring the kids, have a picnic, enjoy music by local arts, and enjoy all things local. The Langley Community Farmers Market is a proud participant in BC’s Nutrition Coupon Program, which helps lower-income families and seniors participate in healthy eating and food literacy. Visit lcfm.ca.

“There are so many benefits to Buying Local: for consumers, Township businesses, and for the community,” said Gafka. “The next time you are planning a purchase or are out and about, consider supporting local businesses and their products and services - and know you will be Buying Local.”

For more information on business in the Township of Langley, visit invest.tol.ca and visit LangleyTownship on YouTube for our “Doing Business” video series.

For more information, contact Township of Langley Senior Manager of Economic Investment and Development Val Gafka at 604-532-7305 or vgafka@tol.ca.

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