Collection Zone Changes in Some Township Communities

To continue delivering reliable waste collection services to residents in our growing community, an adjustment to the current collection zones is required in some Township communities. These changes will impact garbage, Green Cart, and recycling collection in select areas of Willoughby, Milner, Murrayville, Brookswood, and High Point. No changes are planned for the Walnut Grove and Aldergrove areas.

Beginning mid-January, affected areas will see their collection day shift to their new schedule as outlined in the table below. Properties with municipal garbage service transitioning from an A zone to B zone, or vice versa, will receive two consecutive weeks of garbage collection before continuing with bi-weekly garbage and weekly organics and recycling pickup. Properties where garbage collection day is delayed until later in the week will have additional bags of garbage collected on their first new collection day.

Properties that only receive recycling through the Township will also see their recycling collection day change as indicated below. For questions regarding private garbage and/or organics collection schedules, contact the hauler directly.

Community Properties Affected Current Zone New Zone First Pick Up in New Zone

North of 72 Avenue and west of 200 Street

Monday A Monday B Monday, January 14
Milner West of 216 Street between Glover Road and Fraser Highway Monday (Recycling Only) Tuesday (Recycling Only) Tuesday, January 8
216 Street Corridor and 211 Street north of 56 Avenue Properties receiving garbage collection west of 216 Street between Fraser Highway and Glover Road Monday B Tuesday A Tuesday, January 8
Murrayville South of Fraser Highway but north of 48 Avenue Monday B Thursday B

Thursday, January 17

No collection Monday, January 14.

Brookswood East of 200 Street and south of 24 Avenue Thursday B Thursday A Thursday, January 10
High Point All properties receiving municipal garbage collection Thursday B Thursday A Thursday, January 10
200 Street Corridor Opt-in properties on 200 Street south of 18 Avenue Thursday B Thursday A Thursday, January 10

All affected properties will receive a letter in the next few weeks detailing their revised collection schedule. For questions regarding the zone changes, please call Sierra Waste Services Ltd. at 604-530-3939.

Engineering Division