Raptors Knoll Ready To Be Disc-Covered

A unique place where sport is combined with nature will be officially opened by the Township of Langley and the public is encouraged to try a new activity at the community’s latest park feature.

An opening ceremony for the Raptors Knoll Disc Golf Course at Jackman Wetlands Park will be held Saturday, June 1, from 10:00am to noon, at 1111 – 272 Street. Everyone is welcome to attend the free event, then stay and play the course, which has been described by disc golf enthusiasts as “impressive,” “special” and an “artistic labour of love.”

The course, where players use thick, heavy, Frisbee-like discs and aim for chain baskets as targets, was created through the vision of several disc golf enthusiasts who formed the Jackman Wetlands Disc Golf Society. The founding directors of the Jackman Wetlands Disc Golf Society include Chris Hartman, John Gould-Thorpe and Stewart McIsack. Along with other volunteers and support from the Township of Langley and local donors, they raised the funds and did the work necessary to create the course.

“They really thought out the design to make it unique,” said Township of Langley Deputy Director of Public Spaces and Community Initiatives Al Neufeld. He noted that 2,500 hours of volunteer time went into creating the large course. “A lot of planning went into making it playable and beautiful. It features some really special touches, such as the signature goal, which is right in line with Mount Baker.”

“This is another free recreation activity that is now available in the Township, and we are really impressed with the volunteers and businesses who got involved to help make it happen,” Neufeld said.

The 40-acre course was built on a former landfill site that has been restored, covered with soil, and planted with trees. Located kitty-corner to Aldergrove Regional Park, Raptor Knolls is part of the 100-acre Jackman Wetlands Park, which includes wetlands and a trail that opened last fall. The disc golf course was designed around the trail with safety in mind.

“Organizers are keen to have people get involved,” Neufeld said, adding that 100 fully functional commemorative discs have been made up and stamped with the Raptors Knoll logo. The first members of the community who come out to the June 1 opening event and are new to the game will receive one.

Experienced disc golf players will be on hand to show off the course, explain the rules, and teach newcomers how to play during introduction to disc golf clinics and “play with a pro” opportunities.

Raptors Knoll Disc Golf Course is already getting rave reviews from dedicated players, who expect it to attract international competitions and be enjoyable for players of all levels. The Jackman Wetlands Disc Golf Society said the first sanctioned event to be held at the course will be the BC Open in early July, which is expected to draw more than 200 competitors from across Canada and the United States.

For more information, contact Al Neufeld, Deputy Director of Public Spaces and Community Initiatives at aneufeld@tol.ca or 604-533-6085.

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