Don’t Go Breaking Your Cart!

Did you know garbage carts and Green Carts have weight limits? Overfilling your Green Cart or garbage cart can cause it to break, crack, or warp. Don’t go breaking your cart: follow these tips to keep your carts within their intended capacity.

If your garbage cart is too heavy:

Do you feel your household produces a lot of garbage? Are you stuffing it full to fit it all in? If so, you’re likely causing it to be overweight. Keep your garbage cart within its weight limits:

  • 120 L: 59 kg / 130 lbs, max (standard size for townhomes)
  • 240 L: 109 kg / 240 lbs, max (standard size for single-family homes)

Cut down on garbage by making sure you’re sorting your items correctly. When items are properly recycled or composted, the average household produces very little garbage. If you need a refresher on what goes where, visit our What Goes Where? tool.

If your Green Cart is too heavy:

Even if they don’t look full, Green Carts can become too heavy if they contain wet materials like damp grass clippings or leaves, or if their lids get propped open and begin to collect rain. Follow these weight limits:

  • 80 L: 36 kg / 79 lbs, max (standard size for townhomes)
  • 120 L: 59 kg / 130 lbs, max
  • 240 L: 109 kg / 240 lbs, max (standard size for single-family homes)

Keep your cart’s lid closed to keep materials from getting wet, and make sure rocks and sod stay out of the cart completely. Only place food scraps, food-soiled paper (but no napkins or paper towels at the moment), and dry yard waste in the cart for composting.

If you’ve been cleaning up your yard, don’t forget: you can set out extra yard trimmings in Kraft paper bags or 80 L cans marked with a Green Can decal (to arrange for a decal, call Customer Service at 604-532-3211). Twigs and branches can be bundled using garden string or twine (no wire, nylon rope, or plastic strapping).

What happens if my carts breaks?

Over time, carts can experience wear and tear – but if your cart is habitually overweight, it’ll break or crack sooner than later. Additional fees may apply to properties that have carts needing frequent repair or replacement. If your cart is no longer functional and you require a replacement, call the Cart Information Line at 604-532-3533.

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