Hard Work And Ingenuity Keeps Food Available In Pandemic

As everyone does their part to curb the spread of COVID-19 by strictly adhering to physical distancing and staying home as much as possible, heroes continue to emerge in our community.

They are at the frontline of the crisis, the first responders and medical personnel who are putting their lives on the line to take care of others.

They can also be found in farm fields, barns, and greenhouses, food production companies, driving delivery trucks, or behind the till at local grocery stores and take-out food restaurants, making sure food is available on store shelves and on our tables in these challenging times.

“The Province of BC has declared that agriculture and the provision of food are essential services. Here in the Township of Langley, we are fortunate to have a diversity of businesses that operate within the entire food production and distribution chain, to ensure day-to-day necessities are available locally to our residents,” said Township of Langley Mayor Jack Froese. “Grocery stores and food services alone account for 345 businesses in our community.”

“Agriculture has always played a huge role in our community’s history and continues to be a vital industry today,” he said. “Not only do farmers grow fruit and vegetables, raise livestock and poultry, and produce dairy products, the Township is home to everything from wineries, specialty food stores, and commercial bakeries to the manufacturers that provide us with all kinds of items that people rely on every day.”

Numerous distribution, warehouse, and logistics companies whose job it is to get products where they need to go are also located in the Township.

As the COVID-19 pandemic sees society adjusting to staying at home and away from others, the Township’s businesses are rethinking the way they deliver their goods and services, to provide food to the public while adhering to Provincial directives.

“Whether they are big box or mom-and-pop corner stores, businesses across the Township are doing an incredible job at reinventing their business model to make goods available,” said Val Gafka, the Township’s Senior Manager of Economic Investment and Development. “The public can support local businesses by shopping online, whether for delivery, take out, or pick up. When residents buy local, they are supporting our local economy and local jobs.”

“People are understandably anxious and unsure, as this is something most people never expected to see in their lifetime,” Froese said. “As we take the necessary precautions to stop the spread of COVID-19, we need to remember that our food supply is intact. The Township has a diverse economy to support our residents and businesses, and our businesses have the ability to serve others in the province and across the country.”

“So many people are playing a vital role in these unprecedented circumstances, and we are truly grateful to our essential services business owners and employees who are showing up every day and using their creativity to make sure we all have the food and other essential items we need as we fight this pandemic together,” Froese said.

Business resources relating to COVID-19 can be found at invest.tol.ca, which will be updated with additional information for businesses and residents over the weeks to come. The Township’s Economic Investment and Development department can be reached at 604-533-6084 or invest@tol.ca.

For information and updates on the Township of Langley’s response to the pandemic, visit tol.ca/COVID19, email covid19info@tol.ca, or call the COVID-19 information line at 604-532-7599.

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