Glass Collection Temporarily Suspended

Recycle BC, the organization managing residential recycling for much of the province, has temporarily suspended curbside glass collection effective Monday, November 22.

Recycle BC’s transportation, storing, and processing measures for glass collection have been impacted by the flooding and road closures in southern BC. As a result, Recycle BC has requested all participating municipalities and recycling depots to suspend glass collection. As such, the Township’s contracted waste hauler, Sierra Waste Ltd., will no longer collect glass beginning Monday, November 22 until further notice.

Curbside collection for other recyclables – such as paper, cardboard, and containers – remains in effect and unchanged. Recycle BC requests residents continue to separate their glass from other recyclables and store glass items until collection is reinstated. Residents are reminded that glass is not accepted mixed in with other recycling, is not accepted in garbage, and at this time, only refundable glass items can be brought to a depot for recycling.

We appreciate your cooperation and will inform residents when glass collection resumes.

More information

Learn more about Recycle BC, the Township’s recycling program, and find frequently asked questions regarding the adjustment to Recycle BC programming in 2018.

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