Grey is for Glass

It’s been over a year since the Township updated its recycling program. While residents have done a great job at adjusting to the new sorting requirements, there is room for improvement.

Sort it right: Put glass in your grey box.

Separating glass bottles and jars from other containers was one of the largest changes to municipal recycling. All curbside collection properties received a grey box for glass, and centralized collection properties (apartments/condos) received a glass cart in their waste area. Participation in separated glass collection has been outstanding, but glass bottles and jars continue to be found mixed in the general containers stream.

Please separate all glass bottles and jars from your other containers.

If you are missing your grey box or need more than one to hold your glass, pick up a grey box from customer service at our Civic Facility (20338 – 65 Avenue) or Operations Centre (4700 – 224 Street), or request free delivery.

Do you live at a property with centralized collection often find the glass cart full? Have your property manager request an additional glass cart by calling the Engineering Division at 604-532-7300.

Engineering Division