Can you find the hidden recyclables?

Many recyclables are hiding throughout your home in plain sight. From empty aerosol containers to frozen juice cans, there are common items some of us still mistake as garbage.

Recycle BC’s Recycling Home Tour will take you room-by-room to help spot missed recycling opportunities throughout your home. The next time you’re about to toss something, take the tour and ensure that item ends up in the right place.

Need a little help? Screencap or print a copy of our Recycling at Home sorting guide (in English, Punjabi, Korean, or Simplified Chinese) and get the kids involved. You may be surprised what can be recycled at the curb and at the depot!

How well did you do?

Are your recycling boxes and bags overflowing from everything you’ve discovered? All residential properties receive unlimited recycling collection. If you have more recycling than what your current blue box, yellow bag, or grey box can hold, request free delivery of additional bins and bags at or by calling Sierra Waste at 604-530-3939.

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