Road Closures and Community Impacts: February Rain Event 240 Street, 252A Crescent, West Langley Park

Update - February 20:  Works are complete on the temporary lock block debris berm.  88 Avenue/River Road from Armstrong Street to 252 Street has reopened.

Staff, with assistance from qualified professionals, are continuing with the post event inspection plan of Township infrastructure, to determine the level of damage resulting from the rainfall event and are performing repairs, as needed, on a priority basis. However, the full extent of the impacts and resulting damages are not fully known at this time and will be better defined by the end of February once all inspections are complete and the data is compiled.

Road Closures

The following locations are closed until further notice due to slope failure or road instability.  Detour routes are in place, and access will be maintained for local residents:

  • 240 Street from Rawlison Crescent to 80 Avenue:

    The road closure remains in place due to slope stability concerns and to ensure public safety. Hazard trees are being removed from the failure zones to allow the geotechnical engineer to safely inspect the site to complete a detailed assessment and provide recommendations.

  • 252A Crescent from 254 Street to 72 Avenue:
    The road closure remains in place due to road stability concerns and to ensure public safety. Staff, in consultation with the geotechnical engineer, are planning a comprehensive review of the 252A Crescent roadway and adjacent slopes to ensure public safety.

Community Impacts

  • West Langley Park Site (9402 – 208 Street)

    On February 6, 2020, during post event inspections staff determined that part of the 1200 mm diameter driveway culvert for the entrance to West Langley Park, from 208 Street, had failed and part of the driveway embankment had washed away. Staff in consultation with the geotechnical engineer closed the driveway due to stability concerns and to ensure public safety.

    West Langley Park houses an onsite caretaker and the West Langley Hall and vehicular access is needed for both. Accordingly, staff have opened up a pathway off 209 Street as a temporary access for the caretaker and events at the hall. This access is temporary and not meant for general park use.

    Township crews and contractors have completed excavating the material from overtop of the culvert to remove the weight and mitigate a complete failure. Staff, with the assistance of the geotechnical engineer, are currently designing a replacement driveway culvert.

  • 34A Avenue 27000 Block Site
    Staff responded to flooding calls on January 31, 2020 near the 27000 block of 34A Avenue and have determined the cause of the flooding was a failed storm sewer in a right-of-way between the backyards of multiple properties. There is currently a bypass pump in place to prevent flooding during rainfall events and staff have engaged a civil engineering consultant to provide a permanent solution.

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