Mosquito Control, July 3

On Friday, July 3, Metro Vancouver’s nuisance mosquito control contractor, Morrow BioScience Ltd., will conduct an aerial larvicide treatment over mosquito breeding sites on Brae Island, near the Fort Langley Campground (9451 Glover Road), between 7:30 - 8:30am.

These treatments, distributed via helicopter, help reduce nuisance mosquito populations by controlling mosquitoes at the larval stage of life. The larvicide is an environmentally-friendly substance that is not toxic to humans.

Questions about mosquito control?

To report mosquito-related concerns, call the Mosquito Hotline at 604-432-6228. The phone line, operated by Morrow BioScience Ltd., is available 24 hours a day and all inquiries are responded to within 24-hours of receiving messages.

Learn more about mosquito control in the Township at, and visit Don't Let Mosquitoes Take a Bite of Your Summer for tips to minimize bites. 

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