Never Miss Collection Day Again!

Have you ever checked your collection calendar in the new year to only to realize it is outdated? This year, pass on paper by signing up for weekly collection reminders at

All properties in the Township can sign up for collection reminders based on the municipal collection services they receive.  Residents can choose from an e-mail, phone call, tweet, or digital calendar reminder sent either the night before or morning of collection. Reminders are specific to what will be collected in your area that week and will adjust to the holidays, so you’re never left wondering if Easter Monday and Boxing Day will affect curbside collection.

As an added feature, properties that receive weekly reminders also receive service alerts when collection is delayed or cannot occur due to inclement weather or other disruptions. Service alerts are only sent to subscribers in the area affected, meaning you won’t be notified if there’s an issue on 196 Street and you live on 202 Street.  

Curious what your property’s collection schedule looks like next year? Enter your address below and sign up for weekly reminders, print off a copy of your calendar, or even both! You’ll never miss collection day again.



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