Additional Bins Collect And Separate Waste In Public Spaces

Doggie doo, recyclables, compost, and other waste can be put in its place thanks to new multi-stream collection bins that have been installed in Township of Langley parks and public spaces.


The receptacles, which are neat and compact in design, will ensure the public can properly dispose of items while they are out and about, and were recently installed at Yorkson Community Park in Willoughby, Noel Booth Park in Brookswood, and in parks throughout Walnut Grove. Over the winter, a further one hundred of the special bins will be added to Willoughby Community Park, McLeod Athletic Park, Aldergrove Athletic Park, and in green spaces in Fort Langley.

Intended to encourage residents to correctly sort their waste while outdoors, the multi-stream bins are part of the Township’s Public Spaces Waste Management Program (

“We want to make it as easy as possible for people to be responsible with their waste while using the Township’s trails, parks, and streets,” said Solid Waste Coordinator Lovena Morton. “We really need the public’s help to ensure that items are put in the right streams, so as much of what is collected as possible can be recycled, composted, or otherwise responsibly disposed of.”

Initially launched as a pilot project in Walnut Grove in 2017, the Public Spaces Waste Management Program is meant to prevent littering and reduce what goes into landfills by accommodating many types of waste.

The pilot proved to be overwhelmingly successful, so receptacles are being installed throughout the community as funding becomes available.

As the program is implemented, many receptacles will offer specific dog waste streams that will collect pet waste for processing at a wastewater treatment facility with other sewage and keep it out of the landfill.

As well, receptacles with compost bins will be added near concession stands and in areas where people eat or play, to encourage proper disposal of food scraps.

The bins are meant to be utilized only by those actively using the public areas surrounding them, and not from other sources. For more information on how to best sort waste and dispose of pet waste at home, visit

For more information, contact Township of Langley Solid Waste Coordinator Lovena Morton at or 604-533-6090 ext. 3488.