Volunteer Fixers Required For Repair Café

Are you A-OK when it comes to DIY?

Are you handy with a hammer, hooked on knitting or sewing, excited about electronics, or in tune with musical instruments?

If so, the Township of Langley encourages you to lend your expertise and a bit of your time to help others and the environment.

On Saturday, November 30, the Township is hosting its first Repair Café, an event where neighbours help neighbours repair - or learn to repair - common items. The event is designed to foster community connections, share practical skills, and encourage residents to think and act sustainably.

“These days, it is quick and easy to simply throw things away, and even simple repairs are often overlooked,” said Solid Waste Coordinator Lovena Morton. “Instead of tossing items in the trash, give them a second life by fixing them up. You will save money, keep items out of the landfill, and save on the material and energy needed to make new products.”

The Repair Café will be held from 10:00am to 2:00pm at Fire Hall 5, 20355 – 32 Avenue. The free event is open to all residents of the Township of Langley and no RSVP is necessary. Residents can bring in just about anything that needs repairing, from bikes, small appliances, and furniture, to jewelry, clothing, housewares, and toys.

To help bring the broken items back up to par, “fixers” are required for the event and amateur DIY-ers, tinkerers, hobbyists, fixer-uppers, and anyone who enjoys repairing things and helping others learn is invited to take part.

“Repair Cafés rely on local handy-people to pitch in to make the event a success. You don’t need to be an expert to volunteer, as even the slightest bit of know-how can help,” said Morton, adding that the cafés are also a great opportunity to socialize with neighbours and make new friends.

To volunteer for the Repair Café, please sign up as soon as possible. Visit the site for additional event details and rules.

For more information, contact Township of Langley Solid Waste Coordinator Lovena Morton at lmorton@tol.ca or 604-532-7268.