School Zone Traffic Bylaw Amendment

In late July, Township of Langley Council adopted bylaw amendments to allow for the implementation and enforcement of 30km/h speed limits on local and collector roads with existing 30km/h school zones, to be in effect 24 hours per day on school days, consistent with provisions of the BC Motor Vehicle Act.

Implementation, beginning with 22 schools listed below that presently have traffic calming measures, has started for the new school year. The intent being, based on community input, to ensure that drivers proceed slowly and safely during non-school hours also, when the school and its amenities are in use by other user groups for other needs.

The speed limit is set for 24 hours per day to be consistent with the design of existing traffic calming measures on these roads that are intended to slow drivers to 30km/h 24 hours per day, such as speed humps or raised crosswalks.

  • Aldergrove Community Secondary
  • Alex Hope Elementary
  • Alice Brown Elementary
  • Belmont Elementary
  • Betty Gilbert Middle
  • Brookswood Secondary
  • Dorothy Peacock Elementary
  • Fort Langley Elementary
  • Gordon Greenwood Elementary
  • James Hill Elementary
  • James Kennedy Elementary
  • Langley Fine Arts School
  • Langley Fundamental Elementary
  • Langley Fundamental Middle/Secondary
  • Langley Meadows Elementary
  • Lynn Fripps Elementary
  • Parkside Centennial Elementary
  • Peterson Road Elementary
  • R C Garnett Demonstration Elementary
  • Richard Bulpitt Elementary
  • Shortreed Community School
  • Yorkson Creek Middle School