What’s your Superhabit?

Did you know that Metro Vancouver residents dispose of almost one billion single-use items per year? Whether it’s a bag, a straw, or even utensils, every small item adds up - to the equivalent of 440 items per person per year!

It seems like a lot, but meet our everyday heroes: those among us who fight to reduce the use of these items by refusing single-use items and opting for reusable alternatives. These heroes among us say no to straws, bring reusable bags shopping, and even opt-out of disposable cutlery. These actions may be small on their own, but when done every day as part of your routine, they become a Superhabit.

Whether you want to give kudos to someone you know who has a Superhabit, or you’re looking for tips to start a Superhabit of your own, learn more at Metro Vancouver’s Superhabits website.

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