Township Leads the Charge with New EV Infrastructure

The Township of Langley is driving home its commitment to increase electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. With the generous support of Natural Resources Canada’s Zero-Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program and Electric and Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Deployment Initiative, the Township recently completed their largest-ever expansion of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, adding 13 new charging ports for fleet, staff, and public use to the Operations Centre in Murrayville.

In addition to 28 existing charging ports at various Township facilities, the new chargers add eight Level 2 ports for Township fleet vehicles, four Level 2 ports for staff vehicles, and a DC Fast Charger for public use. The DC Fast Charger is the fourth in the Township, but the first to be fully owned and operated by the municipality.

“We are excited to announce the opening of this DC Fast Charger, the first of its kind in the Murrayville neighbourhood,” says Township Energy Manager, Greg Dennis. “We have heard a lot of feedback from members of the community who want to see more EV charging options, and we hope this will encourage residents to think electric when purchasing their next vehicle.”

With more electric vehicles on Langley roads every day, the Township is committed to furthering access to efficient and reliable charging options for residents, visitors, and staff. To help expand charging locations, keep stations well-maintained, and reduce wait times for access, user fees will soon be implemented across the Township charging network, starting in June.

The fee-for-use structure aligns with best practices among municipalities and other EV charging station operators in the region. Fees will be $1.00 per hour for Level 2 charging (with a 2-hour time limit), and $16.00 per hour for the DC Fast Charger (with a 40-minute time limit).

This announcement is an important milestone in the Township’s recently adopted Climate Action Strategy. To learn more about electric vehicles in the Township of Langley, visit


“We are giving Canadians the greener options they want to get to where they need to go. This is how we get to net zero by 2050.”
The Honourable Seamus O’Regan Jr.
Minister of Natural Resources

“We are excited to add 21 new EV chargers to serve Township of Langley residents. This investment will accelerate progress on the Township’s Climate Action Strategy, which calls for half of passenger vehicle trips in the community to be sustainable by 2030 and for a zero-emission corporate fleet by 2040.”
Jack Froese, Mayor
Township of Langley

Township Leads the Charge with New EV Infrastructure

Township of Langley Energy Manager Greg Dennis tests the DC Fast Charger’s inaugural charge, May 18. The DC Fast Charger can add over 100 kilometres of electric range per hour and is the fourth of its kind in the Township.