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To meet the evolving wants and needs of website users, and changes in technology including a significant use of mobile devices, the Township of Langley website has been updated with enhancements to its homepage and site design, layout, and fonts.

An external communications survey was completed that provided actionable data on external community members’ communications channel uses and preferences, the information they regularly searched for online, and what information they wanted more of. That primary research and community feedback, together with website analytics, municipal website best practices, and other research on website and mobile use, informed the updates.

The modified website homepage layout, header and footer, colours, and font updates will enhance the user experience of website visitors, better align with the Township brand, and meet other specific needs including:

  • increasing readability, appearance, and accessibility;
  • offering more information and choices on the homepage for faster access to in-demand content;
  • providing for more impactful communication of important news, events and other updates; and
  • using a modern, user-friendly look and layout.

To complement the existing main menu options, a new main menu option linking to online services was added, as well as other sub-menu items and links offering direct access from the homepage to information community members wanted.

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