Winter Green Cart Collection

During frigid weather, the contents of your Green Cart may freeze to the sides or bottom of your cart. While collection crews make every effort to empty the entire contents of your Green Cart, if food scraps or yard trimmings get stuck and are left behind, please be patient and wait for your cart to be fully emptied next collection day, weather providing.

If you have extra organic material, more than what your Green Cart can hold, place it in paper yard trimmings bags or 80 litre cans marked with a “Green Can” decal.

To help your Green Cart empty more easily:

  • Give your Green Cart a winter lining. Line the bottom and sides of your cart with newspaper or a large yard trimmings bag.
  • Wrap food scraps in newspaper, use Bag-to-Earth bags, or place them in a cereal or pizza box before putting them in your Green Cart.
  • Don’t overfill your Green Cart. Tightly-packed, wet material can become stuck in your cart. Keep contents loose by layering moisture-rich materials with soiled paper products or yard trimmings.

Was one of your carts damaged following collection? Report damaged carts to Sierra Waste at 604-530-3939.

Engineering Division