Job Seekers Encouraged to Work Where There's Play

Imagine going to work knowing that what you do helps keep the people in your community healthy and active, accommodates your schedule, and happens to be a lot of fun.

It is possible through employment opportunities offered by the Township of Langley’s Parks and Recreation Division.

The Township is inviting those seeking employment to Work Where There’s Play by becoming part of its recreation team. Whether working full-time, part-time, or as an auxiliary, employees are able to build their resumes and enjoy rewarding work while making a hands-on difference in the community.

A variety of positions are available at aquatic facilities, arenas, and recreation and community centres throughout the Township, to suit individual skill levels, interests, lifestyles, and goals.

“I've been able to pay my way through school while gaining invaluable experience, and the ongoing training has been huge in developing my knowledge, skills, and abilities,” said Matt Tucker, a Lifeguard/Instructor with the Township.

For mom and Recreation Attendant Tasha Waugh, “I love that I can pick up my kids from school and attend the majority of their sports with my schedule. I am lucky that I can earn a living while still getting the chance to raise my kids.”

The Township employs positions ranging from aquatics instructors, lifeguards, and skating instructors, to preschool instructors, recreation leaders, and recreation workers who lead programs and activities and provide information to the public. Custodial and maintenance workers are also hired to work in recreation, along with customer service staff to work as recreation attendants and cashiers.

Job seekers are encouraged to regularly check the careers section to see current hirings, and those who would like to Work Where There’s Play can visit to explore recreation positions and the duties associated with each. Specific experience levels, training, and certifications required for each position are listed, so those who aspire to a job in recreation can plan ahead and ensure they get the necessary requirements.

The Township is currently looking for auxiliary Lifeguard/Instructors and Aquatic Instructors to join its recreation team, and will be hiring for other positions over the next few months.

“The Township of Langley is expecting a busy summer season in recreation this year, and encourages anyone who is interested in health and fitness, would like a flexible work schedule, and wants to provide a valuable service to their community to consider a recreation career with us,” said Christine Blair, the Township’s Director of Parks and Recreation.

For more information, contact Veronica Schultz, Manager of Administration and Business Services for the Township of Langley’s Parks and Recreation Division, at 604-533-6124 or

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