Township of Langley arenas provide fantastic on ice and dry floor opportunities that help keep our communities active, year-round!

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At our arenas you can:

Two Locations to Choose From


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Admission Fees

Admission, skate and helmet rental fees for drop-in skating and hockey

Helmet Regulations

Public drop-in skating

CSA approved helmets are highly recommended for all participants. Everyone 12 years and under is required to wear a helmet during all public skating sessions.

Hockey & Learn to Skate

CSA approved helmets are mandatory. No bike helmets will be allowed on the ice during lessons.

Helmet and skate rentals are available at our skate shops.

Learn to Skate

Register your skater in the appropriate age group at the lesson time that works best for your family. We’ll assess their skill on the first day and slot them into the level that’s perfect for your child. Lessons are based on physical literacy concepts and focus on the ABCs (Agility, Balance, and Coordination, with Speed, and fun). View the Learn to Skate Brochure.

Program Information

Warm Clothes

  • Long pants, jacket, long socks, gloves or mittens.
  • Knee & elbow pads (optional)


  • Available to rent from our skate shops.
  • CSA approved hockey, ski or snowboard helmets are mandatory for all participants.
  • Helmets with face shields are highly recommended.


  • Available to rent from our skate shops.
  • Figure skates, hockey or recreational skates are recommended.
  • Skates should provide good ankle support.
  • Sharpen skate blades prior to the first day of lessons. New skates do not come sharpened.
  • Skate sharpening is available at our skate shops.

Arrive 30 minutes before your lesson, to allow enough time to get your child’s equipment on or secure rentals. We ask that a guardian remains in the building during all lessons. For safety reasons staff are unable to leave the ice and assist your child.

Please meet instructors in the skate lobby.

Please bring any previous skating report cards on the first day of lessons to help place your child in the appropriate lesson level.

Lesson Levels

Husky Pup

No previous skating experience; enjoy the ice with your child through activities that focus on an introduction to ice, balance, marching, falling down, and standing up.

Harp Seal

No previous skating experience. Introduction to standing unassisted, toe touches, and marching steps.


Stand and balance unassisted. Introduction to side steps, scraping one foot, gliding, and two-footed jumps.

Arctic Hare

Focus on forward skating, gliding, scraping two feet, and introduction to backward walking.

Arctic Fox

Focus on forward skating with speed and control, snow plow stop, and backward skating. Introduction to forward sculling.

Snow Leopard

Learn backward skating with speed and control, 1-foot gliding (left and right), sculling consecutively, and introduction to backward gliding.

Polar Bear

Build backward skills in stopping, skating in circles, and introduction to pumping and side stopping.

Arctic Wolf

Develop skills on inside and outside edges, side stop, forward crossovers and backward side stop.

Snowy Owl

Build skills on inside and outside edges, 2-footed turn-in-motion, backward pumping and forward crossovers.

Skate Kids Level 1

Beginner level for children who have never had lessons. Introduction to forward and backward walking, falling down safely, turning, 2-footed jumping, side steps, and scraping.

Skate Kids Level 2

Focus on 2-footed forward skating, backward skating, and introduction to stopping, v-pushes, forward sculling, and gliding around cones.

Skate Kids Level 3

Introduction to forward and backward sculling, pumping, gliding, and snow plowing.

Skate Kids Level 4

Focus on backward stopping, pumping, sculling, and 1-foot gliding. Introduction to forward crossovers, inside edges, and turn-in-motion.

Skate Kids Level 5

Focus on inside edges, crossovers, stopping, transitioning from forward to backward, and backward gliding.

Skate Kids Level 6

Build outside edges, backward crossovers, single-foot parallel stop, figure 8 crossovers, power pushes, and forward Mohawk.

Join our Team as a Skating Instructor

Find out more about career opportunities at Township of Langley arenas.

Skating Birthday Parties (currently not available)

Hit the ice for your birthday. Find party details and booking information.

Drop-in Stick & Puck Registration

Advance online registration is recommended for all Stick & Puck sessions to secure your spot.  Registration for each session is available 23 hours in advance. On site in-person, drop-in admissions are now allowed but are based on session availability and as space permits in each limited capacity session.  View session registration dates and times available.

Ice & Dry Floor Rentals

Looking to rent ice or dry floor space? Email, or contact George Preston Recreation Centre at 604-530-1323, or Aldergrove Credit Union Community Centre at 604-857-4299 for more information.