The reopening date is entirely dependent on how long it takes to complete the maintenance, it is difficult to determine exactly when that will be. We anticipate reopening in March 2018.

WCB is an active construction zone while maintenance issues in the pool and change room areas are addressed. The primary focus is your safety and it is therefore necessary to close the entire facility.

Everything! The pool, the fitness centre, the weight room, the multi-purpose rooms, and even the front desk is closed during this time.

Yes and no. The Preschool has been temporarily relocated to George Preston Recreation Centre, and will reopen at WCB when the maintenance is complete and the entire facility reopens.

Yes, if you need to talk to us during the closure, you can still call the WCB phone number. Because the WCB front desk is closed, your call will be re-directed to another Township of Langley community or recreation centre where our staff will be happy to help you.

Dive in to your options at Walnut Grove Community Centre Pool…we’d love to see you and we’ve even added additional classes!

Visit tol.ca/aquatics to view schedules.

Don’t worry, you can still keep up your active lifestyle during the WCB closure. Use your GAP (1-year, 1 or 3-month, 10/20 pass card) at all other Township facilities during this time:

Use your GAP at all other Township facilities during this time:

  • find extra aquatic fitness classes and swimming lessons at Walnut Grove Community Centre Pool
  • explore your options at a different Township fitness centre:
    • Walnut Grove Community Centre
    • Willowbrook Recreation Centre
    • Willoughby community Centre

New tiles are being installed in the pool basin and significant improvements are being made to the pool deck. No changes are being made to the size of the pool.

The slope on select areas of the pool deck will be levelled out and higher friction tiles will be installed. It is anticipated that this will provide pool users with increased grip when walking on the pool deck.

  • new tiles and fixtures will be installed
  • existing space will be realigned to make wider hallways in select areas
  • a new Universal Changing Lounge will be installed that feature individual cubicles (some with individual showers)

The facility is not getting a steam room at this time. This closure is for required maintenance only.

No, the entire facility is closed during the renovations. The fitness centre is not part of the required maintenance plans at this time, but as it is part of an active construction zone it therefore needs to be closed for public safety.

If we are able to open the weight room or any other part of the facility early, we will be sure to let you know on tol.ca/wcblair

Contact us! We’re here to help:


Looking to attend a drop-in aquatics or fitness class, go length swimming, or use the weight room at Walnut Grove Community Centre? Take advantage of the shuttle bus service from W.C. Blair Recreation Centre. The service is free but you must register to reserve your spot.

Shuttle Bus Service Schedule*

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings (Register for all days or a combination of days)

Arrival times are traffic-dependant.

WCB - W.C. Blair Recreation Centre
WGC - Walnut Grove Community Centre

Schedule 1

8:25 - 8:35am - Bus boards at WCB
8:35am - Departs WCB
8:50am - Arrives WGC
10:30am - Departs WGC
11:00am - Arrives WCB

Schedule 2

9:45 - 10:00am - Bus boards at WCB
10:00am - Departs WCB
10:20am - Arrives WGC
12:30pm - Departs WGC
12:50pm - Arrives WCB

Interested in registering for the shuttle bus?
Call 604-533-6170 and reference barcode 532716.
*Schedule subject to change.