Field Status

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Disclaimer: Any rental group and/or individual found to have played on a field that is officially closed may forfeit the right to play for the remainder of the season. There will also be a fine issued to the Association.

Field status reports are updated weekly but are subject to change without notice due to weather conditions. If you have booked a field for use, please monitor this page for current field statuses.

Field statuses

Open Fields are open and can be used as per contract.

When ‘discretion’ is indicated, the home team coach must inspect the field two hours before game time.

If there is standing water, puddles, muddy areas, ice, frost, frozen ground, snow, or if the ground is saturated or spongy, the coach must cancel any scheduled practices or games.

The home team coach is responsible for informing the visiting team coach, and their association, that the game cannot be played, and for calling the Township at 604-534-3496 so they can update the field status to Closed.
Closed Fields are unavailable for play.