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At this time, due to a shortage of lifeguards, swim instructors, and AquaFit instructors, we are only able to offer a limited number of aquatic programs with capacity limits in place. Your continued patience is appreciated as we work towards hiring and training staff. View aquatic drop-in schedules and registered programs. If you or someone you know is interested in joining our Aquatics team as a lifeguard or aquatics instructor, please apply today.  

Registration is no longer needed for public swimming at our pools.  Our pools are open for drop-in public swimming, lap swimming, parent & tot, and water walking sessions. View pool schedules. 

To register and find swimming lesson dates and times, visit this page. 

Township of Langley Pools provide a dynamic selection of swimming, fitness, thrill, and relaxation opportunities that help keep our communities active, year-round!

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At our pools you can:

Locations to Choose From:

At all swimming pools, at all times in and out of the water, children less than 7 years of age must be under the direct supervision of a responsible guardian.

Admission Fees

Admission fees for drop-in swimming

Admission fees for Otter Co-op Outdoor Experience at Aldergrove Credit Union Community Centre.

Learn to Swim

Register your swimmer for lessons and build swimming and water safety skills in a fun, encouraging environment with well-trained instructors.

Swimming Lesson Levels

  • Li’l Squirts
    • Enjoy the water with your 6 - 12 month old child. Children are introduced to a class environment with basic holds and movement in the water.
  • Li’l Puddle Jumpers
    • Enjoy the water with your 12 - 24 month old child. Children are introduced to assisted basic skills such as entries and floats.
  • Li’l Water Skippers
    • Enjoy swimming with your 24 - 36 month old child. Children are encouraged to perform skills individually, and submerge their face and head.
  • Wee Sea Stars
    • This is an introduction to the Westcoast Program for independent two year olds. This course is for children who are familiar with the water and are ready to participate in a class on their own. Focus is on orientation and comfortable movement through the water. Children must complete an assessment and be approved by a lifeguard or instructor to access the Wee Sea Stars program. You can request an assessment at any Township of Langley pool.
  • Sea Stars
    • Focus is on orientation and comfortable movement through the water.
  • Sea Urchins
    • Introduction to submersion and assisted floats.
  • Jellyfish
    • Focus is on unassisted floats and introduction to assisted glides.
  • Salmon
    • Focus is on unassisted glides, assisted rollovers, and an introduction to deep water.
  • Sea Lions
    • Focus is on unassisted rollovers, introduction to kicking, and a 5 m endurance swim.
  • Orcas
    • Focus is on side glides, deep water activities, introduction of overarm recovery, and an endurance swim of 8 m.
  • Swim Kids 1
    • Beginner level for children who have never had lessons. This level features an introduction to the water and the pool area. Learn floats and glides with kicks. Distance swim is 5 m.
  • Swim Kids 2
    • Build front and back swim skills. Introduction to deep water activities. Endurance is built on flutter kicking with assisted glides. Distance swim is 10 m.
  • Swim Kids 3
    • Introduction to front crawl. Wise choices on where and when to swim. Diving is introduced. Distance swim is 15 m.
  • Swim Kids 4
    • Develop front crawl, back glide, and shoulder roll for back crawl. Work on kneeling dives and surface support. Distance swim is 25 m.
  • Swim Kids 5
    • Introduction to back crawl, sculling skills, and whip kick on the back. Learn stride dives. Distance swim is 50 m.
  • Swim Kids 6
    • Front and back crawl continue to be refined. Elementary backstroke, treading water, and front dives are introduced. Distance swim is 75 m.
  • Swim Kids 7
    • Build skills and endurance for front crawl, back crawl, and elementary backstroke. Learn front whip kick. Distance swim is 150 m.
  • Swim Kids 8
    • Introduction to breaststroke and rescue entries. Continue to refine strokes and skills. Distance swim is 300 m.
  • Swim Kids 9
    • Front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke, and breaststroke continue to be refined with a focus on fitness. Master the front dive. Distance swim is 400 m.
  • Swim Kids 10
    • Introduction to scissor kick as a warm up/cool down stroke for fitness. Perfect strokes and water safety skills. Distance swim is 500 m.
  • Fearful Swimmer
    • Have you always been afraid of the water? Now is the time to conquer that fear. Learn how to overcome your fears in this small group setting. Classes will progress at a pace aimed at increasing comfort and building confidence.
  • Adult Swimming Lessons Level 1
    • Focus on being comfortable in the water, submersion, and floating in this introductory course.
  • Adult Swimming Lessons Level 2
    • Focus is on front crawl and the introduction of other stroke progressions.
  • Adult Swimming Lessons Level 3
    • Know how to swim, but want to improve? Focus on fine-tuning your kick, breathing, stroke, and body position in a non-competitive environment. Participants should be able to swim 25 m.

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