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The Township of Langley's Sustainability Vision is to build a legacy for future generations, by leading and committing the community to a lifestyle that is socially, culturally, economically, and environmentally balanced.

Building a legacy for future generations requires leadership, long-term commitment, community involvement, and regular reporting. These basic requirements form the guiding principles for the Township of Langley in its decision making.

For information about current community plan projects, visit our Development Activity web page.

Community Plans and Sub-Plans

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Neighbourhood Plans


Township Planning Sketch Series

Planning in the Township is both complex and exciting! This 3 episode whiteboard sketch series was created to help those not familiar with planning understand various aspects of the process and discover how their community is shaped.

Episode 1: Planning for Growth and Change

Curious about how community plans are made, the different levels and types of plans in the Township, and why each is needed? 

Episode 2: Complete Communities and Small Town Character

What is a complete community, and how do they contribute to a healthy lifestyle in the Township? 

Episode 3: Edge Planning

What happens when urban and rural intersect? Protecting and preserving the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) and the relations between urban and rural neighbours is important to the Township.