Corporate Identity & Logo

Heraldic Signature

The Heraldic Signature has been given a special place of honour within the corporation. It is applied to communication materials used only by the Mayor and Council for materials of an official nature that have a ceremonial purpose. The Heraldic Signature, therefore, is never provided to partner agencies or organizations.

Township of Langley Emblem/Logo

The Township of Langley’s Corporate Identity Program provides quick and clear authorship of corporate publicity and communication materials through consistent application of the corporate emblem (logo).

Our logo is to be used for Township-only related business. We may authorize partner agencies and organizations to use the corporate emblem to identify the Township’s involvement or sponsorship in non-Township sponsored events or endeavours.

If you represent a partner agency or organization supported by the Township, the corporate logo is available for download in a variety of formats. To prevent unauthorized use of the corporate logo, the emblem is password-protected. To obtain permission and password access to the Township’s electronic corporate logo files, contact