Community Halls Sourcebook

Hall societies have been part of the history and growth of each of Langley's neighbourhoods since their earliest settlement. Today Langley is home to fifteen community halls, each owned and run by a hall society. Nine of these halls have been recognized or legally protected for their heritage value.

These halls are integral to modern Langley. They were built over the last century through community fundraising efforts and donations of land, materials, and labour. Their building fabric embodies older building styles and construction methods. Their interiors reflect their former uses as gathering places and community hubs for all ages.

Langley's halls continue to make strong social contributions to their neighbourhoods and to the larger community. They host banquets, weddings, and special events. They house fitness classes and dog training lessons. They support the work of churches, small business, other nonprofits, and government. They foster community and wellness among seniors, and support a new generation of performing artists by providing space for lessons and practice.

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