Heritage Property Maintenance Standards


Designated heritage properties are significant properties protected by bylaw to ensure their long-term preservation. Designating a heritage resource does not in itself ensure its protection, as it contains no mechanism to ensure its continued maintenance. To address maintenance concerns for protected heritage resources, a local government is authorized, under Section 616 of the Local Government Act, to establish minimum maintenance requirements for property that is designated or located within a heritage conservation area.

Although Heritage Property Maintenance Standards, enacted in the form of a bylaw, are common to many cities and municipalities in the province, the Township does not currently have such a bylaw in place. At the recommendation of the Heritage Advisory Committee, Township Council is currently considering a Heritage Property Maintenance Standards Bylaw.

Heritage Property Maintenance Standards establish minimum requirements for the care and maintenance of designated heritage property and are intended to:

  • Communicate the minimum expectations regarding the maintenance of legally protected heritage property
  • Ensure that designated heritage sites are maintained and do not deteriorate through neglect

Typical bylaw provisions pertain to keeping buildings weatherproofed, protecting them from infestations, maintaining their structural integrity, and managing drainage, vegetation and extended periods of disuse.

For several years, the Heritage Advisory Committee has had discussions regarding how heritage properties can be better managed, following the loss of recognized historic buildings to disrepair.  The purpose of the proposed standards is to slow deterioration and prevent the loss of heritage assets, while addressing the life safety risks associated with misuse.

Recent collapse of one of the earliest remaining settlement buildings built in 1885 in the Township after decades of disrepair

Financial support for the exterior repair and maintenance of protected heritage property is available to owners of heritage properties through the Township’s Heritage Building Incentive Program.

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