Delegation Request

The maximum number of delegation requests have been received for the July 25, 2022 Regular Council meeting, and further requests can not be accommodated.

Written comments for Council’s information received prior to 10:00am Monday, July 25 will be circulated to Council prior to the meeting. Comments can be forwarded to

What is a Delegation?

Delegation is a term used to define the process whereby an individual appears before Township of Langley Council to:

  • submit a new request for action 
  • bring Council up-to-date on a project, idea, or concept

Meeting Location

Township of Langley Civic Facility
Fraser River Presentation Theatre
4th Floor, 20338 – 65 Avenue, Langley, BC

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How to speak before Council

The following guidelines are useful:

  • speak clearly;
  • keep presentation brief and to the point;
  • allow for extra time at the end for a question and answer period.

The following protocol is followed when addressing Council:

  • the Mayor is addressed as “Your Worship” or “Mayor (name)”
  • Council members are addressed as “Councillor (name)”
  • Staff is addressed by their respective titles (e.g. Manager, Engineering) or by their names (e.g. Mr. Smith)

Delegation Request To Appear Before Township Council

Other ways to submit your delegation request

Complete the Delegation Request form

Forward your request using any of the following methods:

  • email:
  • fax: 604-533-6054
  • email or hand-deliver: Legislative Services Department, 20338 – 65 Avenue, Langley, BC V2Y 3J1