Candidate Profiles

Candidate profiles are being posted on the website as they are received over the coming days.


Candidate names are listed in the order they will appear on election ballots.

Michelle Sparrow

Over the last 40+ years I have seen a lot of changes. But what’s never changed for me is the love I have for this community. How we build our community, the protection of our farmlands, safe roads, social infrastructure, and ensuring our youth have activities and places to grow and thrive are just some examples of what I believe is incredibly important to be focused on to ensure the Langley we love is not lost. But this also extends to the mayor’s office, to the atmosphere of transparency, collaboration, and respect. The tone that is set from the mayor’s chair reaches not only through council and the organization, but it also affects how others see us from inside and outside of our community. It is important to me that we protect the Langley we love and ensure it remains the special place we love to call home.

Blair WhitmarshI first came to Langley in 1984 to attend Trinity Western University. Since that time, I have actively engaged in the Langley community with my wife and three daughters. I am also proud to be a grandfather of 5 living in the local area. My council experience started in 2014 and with the endorsement of Mayor Jack Froese I am putting my name forward to be Mayor of the Township of Langley. As Mayor, I will focus on five overarching themes: smart development - diversity of housing - and job creation, safe neighborhoods and communities, healthy relationships with community partners and neighboring municipalities, outstanding facilities for sports and the arts, and financial stewardship. We must have a strong community with local jobs, care for the environment, and livable communities that make us all proud.


Telephone: 604-807-8866
Facebook: @blair.whitmarsh
Twitter: @BlairWhitmarsh

Eric Woodward

Eric is an incumbent councillor who grew up in Langley, graduating from LSS and holds a BA in Political Science from UBC.

He was part of the internet industry at a young age, co-founding multiple successful companies. He sold his last company in 2007 and left the industry to refocus his efforts toward the local community, starting with the revitalization of Fort Langley. His commercial holdings in Fort Langley were transferred to a charitable non-profit, starting in 2018.

Prior to council, he was the President of the Fort Langley Business Improvement Association, a Director of the Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation, and served on the Township of Langley's Economic Development Advisory Committee, and Heritage Advisory Committee.

Eric believes Langley needs to evolve and find a better way forward. From the sad state of roads to failing permit timelines, and falling so far behind on recreation and urban parks, taxpayers deserve better.

Telephone: 604-725-3810
Facebook: @eric.woodward.for.langley

Rich Coleman

I am seeking the position for Mayor because I love Langley. I believe in public service and I want to continue to serve this community.

Over the past 38 years of my involvement in this community I have been able to work successfully with all parties to get things done. This has helped to build numerous schools, the Langley Events Centre, four overpasses, several parks, housing units, the expansion of the Langley Memorial Hospital and the Aldergrove Kinsmen Community Centre to name a few.

All of these projects were accomplished by working with Stake Holders to get things done. Working together we can continue to build an even greater Langley community, which will be an excellent example for all others.


Candidate names are listed in the order they will appear on election ballots.

Brit GardnerI’ve had the privilege of growing up in the Township of Langley, surrounded by thriving ecosystems, a strong community of neighbours and extended family members, who have built lives here.

I attended the now-closed County Line Elementary, Aldergrove Community Secondary, and the University of the Fraser Valley. I’ve had the pleasure of working in a variety of roles and fields; as the Chief of Staff at an Impact Investing fund in New York, in Communications and PR for teams and organizations, and currently, as a case manager Family Law firm in the Fraser Valley, while raising my 3 children. I will be a strong voice on council for protecting our ecosystems, climate action, real affordability, frontline services, public amenities, supporting transportation initiatives including community rail, and building complete, liveable, walkable communities for the next generation to enjoy. I live in Fort Langley with my 3 children, partner, and dog, Daisy.

Sierra PilcherSierra Pilcher is a small business consultant who enjoys working with her clients to solve complex problems through strategic planning and innovative solutions. She utilizes her background in engineering, programming, user-experience design, and business technology management to streamline and improve processes.

As a public figure, Sierra brought attention to important community issues. She has been nominated for awards including the Loran Community Leadership, and CCPA Power of Youth Leadership awards. She created youth empowerment/mentorship programs, held seminars, volunteered, and organized charitable fundraisers and served on the Board of Directors for the Cloverdale Rodeo.

Sierra’s multicultural background gives her a better understanding and appreciation for varied viewpoints, cultural values, and opinions.

As your councilor, Sierra looks forward to bringing her skills and experience to foster real change in the community. Her varied experiences and diverse community networks will make her a strong voice on the Township of Langley council.

Tony WardI have enjoyed a 28-year career at the Township of Langley. I currently work in Asset Management which is about managing infrastructure with fiscal prudence and sustainably. Additionally, I have served as School Trustee for the Langley School District since 2018.

My vision is to leave a legacy for future generations employing reasonable and sustainable solutions to municipal challenges. My main goals are to: Enhance current levels of service, stabilize tax rates, and sustainably manage infrastructure.

I believe in maximizing walkability and accessibility in new urban design and sustaining and enhancing parks, trails, and natural areas.

I strongly support small businesses and farms.

With high inflation, interest rates rising at an alarming rate, house prices dropping, how can average citizens afford to make ends meet?

Langley is a community of strong, independent, and intelligent voices. This is not time for Langley to embrace pre-arranged decision making on serious topics.

Petrina Arnason

I have been honoured to serve the people of Langley Township for the past eight years and am proud to be running as an independent candidate for my third term in office. Over the last two terms, I have made the environment a regular part of Council deliberations and have championed a climate action emergency resulting in a broad-based policy unanimously adopted by Council. I have worked collaboratively with the community on many public-serving initiatives related to tree canopy preservation, enhancing green space, advocating for critical housing infrastructure and advancing the interests of seniors. If re-elected, I will continue this work while also working hard to ensure that adequate infrastructure and recreation facilities develop in a cost-effective and timely manner to accommodate new growth. I will also continue to advance the interests of the farming community by protecting agricultural lands in the Township to enhance food security.

Tel: 604-427-2993

Michael ChangMy name is Michael Chang. I am running for the Township of Langley Council. I immigrated to Canada 2006, dreamed of having a better life for me and my family. Currently, I am serving as a member of Multicultural Advisory Council of BC and Township parks Committee, and Honorary Ambassador of Seoul Korea and Gapyeong County, locally I am an Executive Director of Korean War Veterans Association and Borad member of New Vista Care Home. I am deeply committed to community service and have worked with a wide variety of local organizations to champion diversity, veteran’s, and senior’s rights, keen on education for our youth. I am running for Township council and will fight for meaningful action on the issues that matter to people in the Township of Langley, paving the way for more affordable senior housing, build a robust and sustainable local economy by helping small businesses and pushing for a farm-based community for the long run.

Michael PrattI’ve served the Township of Langley on various committees, boards, and foundations since my early teens. With an undergraduate degree in Real Estate and Urban Land Economics and completing a Master’s Degree in Urban Studies, I’ll be an asset to Council as our community continues to grow and change. With my experience, record of service, and a lifetime in Langley, I will be a voice for thoughtful planning, independent thinking, and respect for the taxpayer. Being transparent and accessible to all residents will be a priority. You should expect that your elected officials return your calls and work to solve the issues presented to them. It’s time for Council to have a vision for our community beyond the next election, and with new ideas and a proven ability to work with diverse groups, I’m confident that with your support, I can help implement a bold, new vision for Langley.

Karen MoraesKaren Moraes is Tsimshian, Haida, and Yupik. She was born and raised in Metlakatla, Alaska. She attended the University of Washington school of medicine and graduated with degrees in laboratory medicine, medical microbiology, and social psychology. She is an active mother of seven children and finds time to volunteer. They include being on the board of directors for the Langley Arts Council, the Fort Langley Arts and Jazz Festival, treasurer of the Red Jam Slam Society in Vancouver. V.P. of Dorothy Peacock Elementary PAC, V.P. of WGSS PAC, advisory committee of the BC Child and Youth in Care. She believes in giving back to Langley. Karen was awarded the Canada 150 award in 2017 for her work with the homeless, and a new car from Basant Motors “Cars For Compassion” in 2019. She works FT at Metis Family Services and always takes Sundays off for church and family.

Scott CameronRaised in the Township of Langley, Scott Cameron is passionate about our community.

Scott is the Head Professional at the Redwoods Golf Course. His primary focus is to plan, organize, and deliver successful events by bringing people together around common goals. Scott has organized tournaments for the Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation, the Township of Langley Firefighters Charitable Society, Wagner Hills Farm Society, the Gateway of Hope, and many other local charities.

As someone who was raised in the Township of Langley and is raising his family in Walnut Grove, he strongly believes that people who grow up in the Township should be able to afford to build their lives and raise their families here as well.

Scott currently serves on the Township of Langley Recreation, Culture, and Parks Committee as well as the Township of Langley Outdoor Sports Advisory Group.

Scott also co-owns the Fletcher Cameron Golf Academy at Redwoods.

Navin TakharI am a 31-year-old commercial appraiser living in Langley. I recently married Monica, and we live with my grandparents, helping to care of my grandfather, who has dementia. With my insight into challenges seniors are facing, I want to find ways to expand local support programs and facilities. I am also passionate about affordable housing and a pro-active approach to the issue of homelessness.

During my career, I have often taken time to advocate for my clients when they are having difficulties with the Township, working with city staff to help resolve their issues. Through this process, I have learned a lot about the inefficiencies which have led to higher housing prices.

I value the diverse recreational and cultural offerings, from sports to music to hiking to riding, and want to help enhance these activities. With your vote, I wish to serve this community with the Elevate Langley team.

Gerald WartakGerald is the founder and lead strategist of a successful Langley-based business.  In his various entrepreneurial endeavours he has learned to wear many hats, but above all understands how to lead projects from concept, to strategy, to execution.  As a business owner, Gerald further understands how to ground project within the parameters of resource allocation, budget and time frame.

A graduate of SFU, Gerald holds an Applied Science degree, and has used his process knowledge to assist his client-base in their brand strategy, market-analysis, business definition and development, and market execution.

In addition to his corporate endeavors, Gerald has lived in Langley for over 9 years with his wife and 2 children and has been involved as a Langley Hockey coach for 6 years, a Langley box and field Lacrosse coach for over 5 years, and currently sits as a Director on the executive board for Langley Minor Lacrosse.

Barb Martens

Barb has worked in public service for 29 years, the last 20 years as a Constable with the Vancouver Police Department. During her career she worked in the Downtown Business District in patrol, neighbourhood policing, crime analysis, as an acting sergeant in crime control and as a field trainer to several police recruits. She has years of experience with Vancouver's most vulnerable citizens.

Barb is a founding Board member of BC Women in Law Enforcement, a non-profit organization created to be a supportive community for policewomen. She is also the only two-time recipient of the BC Borstal Association awards: The Certificate of Merit for Community Crime Prevention for her work with homelessness and the broad scope of housing models, and the Community Crime Prevention Excellence Award for her work with the Vancouver hotel community.

Barb is a graduate of Trinity Western and lives in Walnut Grove with her two kids.

Telephone: 604-404-9151
Facebook: @contractwithlangley

Kam Respondek

I am a Certified Financial Planning professional and have over a decade of experience in insurance, investments, and financial planning. I graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelors Degree in Criminology and a passion for crime prevention through environmental design. I currently run my own business and have been on several boards and committees in the past.

Safety, crime prevention and city infrastructure including business participation are crucial items that need to be addressed in our rapidly expanding municipality. It is easy to say what needs to get done but what is far more important is how it is executed. Therefore, spending money strategically and efficiently is paramount.

Council needs to make smart decisions as Langley has a ton of potential and for it to be realized we need a fresh, realistic and logical perspective and that is what I will contribute as a city councillor.

Sukhman GillI, Sukhman Gill, am a businessman who was raised in the Township of Langley along with my twin sisters. My sisters and I have grown up on the family blueberry farm. We understand farming as a lifestyle and enjoy being part of the local agricultural community.

I have completed my Associate in Applied Science (Agri-Business Ag Econ) and Bookkeeping Certificate and currently I’m completing my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration at Kwantlen College, focusing on accounting. I am the farm and office coordinator for BKS Blueberry Farm Ltd. and I’m passionate about the realities of farming in a changing world. I’ll be bringing innovative solutions to the housing affordability challenges and to improve transit availability and the Township’s road network.

My perspective on community and the connection between agriculture and a thriving economy in Langley will make me an excellent Councillor on Rich Coleman’s Council with Elevate Langley.

Rob Rindt

Rob has lived in Langley his entire life. He is a 3rd generation farmer in Glen Valley where his family has worked the land for over 70 years. He is the general manager of Western Turf Farms and Weller's Blueberry Farm, both family owned businesses.

In 2015, after studying craft distilling, he and his partner Rebekah Crowley started Roots & Wings Distillery. He grows as much as he can on-site to deliver a premium local craft product. During the process of starting the distillery, he witnessed the major challenges in the permiting process. This prompted his decision to run for council, to make things easier for small business owners.

Rob is committed to preserving prime farmland, removing road blocks for small businesses, and fixing our roads and infrastructure.

Rob lives with his partner Rebekah and three kids at the family farm.

Telephone: 604-762-6061
Facebook: @contractwithlangley

Cathy MacDonaldI own and operate a successful business here in Langley with my husband Tim. After the changes to business created by the pandemic and the post-pandemic business world, I want to make sure local businesses have a secure environment to thrive. The business community needs progressive policies that support local businesses and attract more companies to the Township. A vibrant business sector helps service our community’s larger needs.

I have a BA from the University of Western Ontario and Executive education from Sauder School of Business. I am excited to work under the leadership of Rich Coleman. I admire his ability to deliver results and want to help expand on his previous accomplishments in our township.

My husband and I have raised our two kids in Willoughby. My son 15 is a hockey player. My 13 year old daughter competitively dances. We are grateful for all the facilities, schools and businesses in our community.

Stephen Dinesen

Stephen Dinesen is an innovator and community builder with a strong business background and civic ties. His platform can be found on

Together with Analies, his wife and business partner, they own and operate a local small business—Bear Woods Supply. Stephen co-owns – Body Smart Health and Fitness (Gym + Massage, Physio, Chiro clinic) in North Langley.

Prior, Stephen and his brother started, grew and sold BackCheck, (employment background checks). Through hard work, innovative uses of technology, and strong team building, Dinesen’s company grew to over 400 employees, including an office with a team of 200 in Port Kells.

Stephen truly values his Langley roots. Motivated by a genuine love for humanity, Stephen has freely ministered to friends and strangers alike, exemplifying many of the core principles of his faith—compassion, generosity, hospitality and community.

Stephen is 45 years old and father to four children ages 12 to 20.

Kim RichterLangley Township is at a major crossroads. We face 3 immediate crises that must be effectively dealt with over the next Council term for the ongoing health and safety of our community.

These are:

1) Cost of Living Crisis – Taxes, Spending, and Affordable Housing;

2) Climate Change Crisis – The ongoing severe weather events we now face require Climate Mitigation and Climate Resiliency. We need to protect forested areas and farmland;

3) Governance Crisis - We need Balance in decision-making, not dominance or control by any one focus, initiative or group.

With 20+ years’ experience on Council and as a Business Management professor, I have 6 priorities: Community, Preservation, Safety, Affordability, Ethics, and Accountability. These should be considered equally in all Council decisions.

It has been a privilege to serve you as a Township Councillor. I respectfully ask again for your vote and your trust.

For further information, please visit

AJ Cheema

AJ is a professional chef and owner of the Otter Trail Winery and Bistro, currently under construction, located on 248th Street on Langley’s Historic Otter Trail.

AJ has a deep understanding of governance and policy as it has been a huge part of his life since he was a child. Prior to relocating to British Columbia in 1993, the Cheema family lived in Winnipeg where his father, Dr. Gulzar Cheema, was the first Punjabi elected as an MLA.

AJ served as a Special Assistant to the Minister of Public Service and Procurement and has an extensive background in business development and operations. He worked as the Manager of India Operations for RCI Capital Group and as the Vice President of Corporate Development for San Group where he was responsible for Corporate, Government and Aboriginal Relations.

AJ lives in Salmon River with his two young sons.

Telephone: 604-374-1368
Facebook: @contractwithlangley

Tim Baillie

Tim is a retired fire captain that served over 27 years in Surrey. He has over 40 years of community service, serving on numerous boards and organizations. He represented the firefighters of BC for more than 20 years, lobbying and achieving to get legislation enacted providing coverage for presumptive cancers.

He has over 25 years of personal and professional experience with homelessness and people living in poverty. He has coached youth sports for more than 40 years and understands the need to create opportunities for inclusivity and activity for all. Tim was the co-chair the Community and Social Action Committee of the NWDLC, a body of over 50,000 union members, to help the unions understand the role unions can play in the community.

Tim believes Langley needs to catch-up up growth, modernize the fire service, expand youth sports infrastructure and programming, and make real progress on homelessness.

Telephone: 604-762-6061
Facebook: @contractwithlangley

Teresa TownsleyWith the looming financial crisis, economic pressures are just going to get worse if we don’t act now to anticipate downloading from other levels of government.

The cost of living is rising and everyone is feeling the squeeze. I will ensure that every hard earned dollar is used in the best, most prudent and responsible way.

We can’t keep raising taxes. I will plan for the future, not for the next election.

I am a former Emergency Nurse and have made safety and service to my community a life mission.

I have a proven track record successfully stewarding the Delta School District through critical change and financial crisis. I have served on Police Board, Tourism Langley, and am an agritourism entrepreneur and Co-Chair of the Langley Farmers Institute.

As a farming advocate, I support our farmers, farm viability, and the environment we farm in.

Please consider TOWNSLEY for TOWNSHIP.

Steve Ferguson

Steve is a Township of Langley Councillor serving his 8th term in office. Steve was most recently elected to office in 2018. Steve and his wife Denise have been a Langley residents for over 40 years. They have raised three children in Langley.

Steve began his professional career as a teacher, working in education the Delta school District. It was during this career that Steve developed his love of politics and decided to pursue a career in municipal government.

In addition to being a Township of Langley Council member, Steve is also a representative of Metro Vancouver. Eager to serve in as many capacities as possible, Steve has served on numerous committees and boards.

Steve believes that we need to mentor the next generation of leadership and support a great new team with good ideas and the commitment to get things done for our residents and taxpayers.

Telephone: 604-807-0474
Facebook: @contractwithlangley

Carlos Suarez RubioCarlos had undergone plenty of ESL studies at high school, college and University to educate himself and be ready as a leader. His most recent accomplishment was his Bachelor's Degree in Political Studies at Trinity Western University. In addition, Carlos has 20 years of customer service experience, and six years of security experience working for the private sector. His leadership experience encompasses three years as a director for the school government at Camosun College, experience as a youth mentor volunteering for kids living in poverty with Extreme Outreach Society, and as a youth leader for his former church at Saanich Baptist Church. Carlos's government plan focuses on the Family, Business, Community, Health, and the environment. His intention is to run to be elected only one term, because, thereafter he is going for law school to aim for the province as an MLA for Langley East.

Carey PoitrasI want to see the relationship between community, business, environmental issues, and government strengthened in the Township of Langley.

I firmly believe we can balance urban growth with thoughtful planning while supporting our rural areas and farmers. I want to support growth in sustainable ways. Farming is an integral part of our community, with unique challenges ahead, and we need to listen closely.

I want to keep in the conversation the needs of youth and seniors; amenities and programs are needed and essential to provide access to them.

I want to ensure diversity and inclusion are a part of the culture on Council. Our Township is a diverse community, and I am committed to finding common ground with all walks of life within our community and on Council.

These are the highlights of why I want to be on your Council, and I am asking for your vote.

James DelormeJames Delorme is passionate about the Fraser Valley, where has lived for five years. He wants to bring his lifetime experience in community building, connecting people, and expanding economic opportunity to the Township of Langley, including local First Nations in the experience. James is a former Chief of Klahoose First Nation and is a successful business leader and mentor.

Delorme loves Langley and its strong sense of community. He has worked with the Kwantlen, Matsqui, Sumas and other First Nations in the area and believes he can be the bridge between the regional Indigenous people and local government, representing and advocating for First Nations while engaging in a collaborative spirit with all interested groups.

Rebecca DarnellHi I'm Rebecca Darnell. The Township of Langley deserves transparency and accountability in their Council. Your councilors need to focus on the critical issues first, such as public safety, which includes fire and police and infrastructure to catch up with development and fiscal responsibility. I chose Langley 27 years ago when I established Darnell Law Group. I want what is best for all of Langley. I hope to continue to contribute to Langley's legacy, leaving a community that our children and grandchildren will be proud of. I promise to listen to the people and act in their best interests. I ask for your vote on October 15, 2022.
Alex Joehl

Alex Joehl is a name you may recognize.

His face is one that may seem familiar.

You’ve likely seen him around town – likely at the hockey rink or perhaps the grocery store.

And perhaps you’ve seen this name on almost every single election ballot in the Township of Langley since 2017.

By now you know what Alex stands for. More of your freedoms, more of the time.

He’ll push back against the politicians that spurred divisiveness in our communities merely for political gain. He hasn’t forgotten the caution tape on outdoor children’s playgrounds and bylaw officers bullying small businesses.

He’ll keep taxes down by shrinking the bureaucracy and kyboshing white elephant spending projects; You should keep more of your hard-earned money.

He wants to bring us a local, tailormade police force that works for us.

He’ll propose an electoral system that actually represents each region of the Township.

If you don’t know him by now, reach out.

Misty Van Popta

Misty is a lifelong Langley resident and a single mother of two. She is a Project Management Professional in the Fraser Valley, working in the construction industry for over 7 years. She holds a Project Management Professional designation from SFU.

Misty started her career in the pharmaceutical industry in the 1990’s as a frontline technician in a pharmacy. She then transitioned to the technology and pharmaceutical software side for 14 years. She has also been a small business owner, co-owning a bicycle shop in Fort Langley. Misty first ran for a seat on Township Council in 2011. She has been a community volunteer for a number of years, serving as a Director of the Fort Langley Business Improvement Association from 2010-2014.

She wants to be that a new vote for real change, to be a part of the solution for so many important issues, from 208th Street to new housing action plans.

Telephone: 604-534-6002
Facebook: @contractwithlangley

Margaret Kunst

Margaret Kunst was elected in 2018 and serving her first term on council.

Born and raised in Langley and together with her husband of 34 years Margaret raised 4 children here. A small business owner in the agriculture sector for over 20 years, Margaret worked in Vancouver’s tourism industry and 10 years as operations director for the PuCKS Powerplay Foundation.

As a volunteer for many years, continues to serve, helping new Canadians establish their lives in Langley.

As councillor, she serves on the Heritage Advisory Committee, Tourism Langley and Langley Seniors Transportation Group.

“As more people make Langley their home, good planning and vision are needed.

Housing, public safety and planning for the needs of our community remains a priority”

With a collaborative spirit and a common-sense perspective Margaret looks forward to making the important decisions to ensure residents enjoy an amazing quality of life in the Township of Langley.

School Trustee

Candidate names are listed in the order they will appear on election ballots.

Sarb Rai

Sarb has been a federal public servant for 22 years. She lives in Brookswood with her husband and three children, all of whom attend Langley Schools. She has a son who is a diverse learner, which has given her the experience necessary to advocate for kids and families.

Sarb has also watched her daughter experience bullying. An issue she is committed to finding a better resolution process for. She knows how important support is for kids facing challenges in their learning careers. She will be a voice for these children.

Sarb Rai is running to help create mechanisms and policies that give kids a safe learning environment and provide them with access to programming that gives them the tools to be confident and successful learners.

Telephone: 604-724-7883
Facebook: @contractwithlangley

Gareth LockhartGareth has lived in Langley for just over a decade with his high school sweetheart and two young daughters, originally brought to this wonderful community when he started serving as a local firefighter.

His desire to run for the position of School Trustee was brought about, in part, because of having his daughter begin her own education journey in the Township. He believes having a member on the board with children currently in the Langley education system can provide a much-needed conduit for today’s parent and student.

Gareth is running independently, recognizing the value that individual perspectives and experiences can bring to a successful team. He has a formal education in Local Government Leadership, and is currently working on a Masters Degree in Emergency Management. He has a decade-long record of successful collaboration among all levels of government for health and safety initiatives for First Responders and the public.

Suzanne PerreaultSeeking a 2nd Trustee term, a seasoned advocate for Inclusion, a strong, compassionate committed community leader who’s served DPAC for 6 years, 3 consecutives as President. Suzanne worked as an Administrator of a Private Vocational School, Finical Office Manager, SEA and was a TEDx speaker. Currently a Counsellor for Youth & Woman and an EDI Consultant. Various committee’s participated in the SD35, as a Trustee include: ya:yestel (Aboriginal Advisory), Inclusive Education, Emergency Preparedness, 2SLGBTQ, Human Dignity Coalition & Communications Committee. Chaired the BCCPAC Inclusive Ed Committee (3 yrs). Nominated for the Fraser Valley Diversity Award (2x) & BC Excellence in Autism Awards. Successfully works alongside educators & parents creating positive changes in school climate remaining student centered. Her motions speak to both EDI and Trauma Informed Practices: a) Barrier Free Spaces in Schools; b) Feminine Hygiene in Schools; c) Cultural Safety Training for onboarding Trustees; d) Safe and Inclusive Schools (seclusion/isolation rooms).

Holly Dickinson

Holly is a passionate educator. She has spent a decade teaching at the elementary level in the Surrey School District. She has worked and lived in Langley for over 20 years, growing up in Brookswood. She attended Brookswood Secondary and has deep roots in the Langley communities.

She has served on her Strata Council since 2015, six of those years as its President. As President she has established, maintained, and balanced a $1.1 million dollar budget while working hard to increase communications and proactively maintain the housing for her local community.

Holly takes pride in making sure our schools are safe for all students. She has spent countless hours advocating for students and their mental health. She is currently the SOGI lead at her school, as well as a Safe Harbour teacher.

Holly is committed to being an advocate for parents, teachers, and students, ensuring there is adequate support for all learners.

Telephone: 778-401-8985
Facebook: @contractwithlangley

Neil Turner

Neil Turner has been a resident of the Township of Langley for over 45 years and a Langley Secondary School graduate. Neil is a Dad, Papa, and a Human Kinetics Professor. Neil has been involved in the sport community (as a parent, fan, coach, coach developer and technical director) for over four decades. Neil wants to invest in creating a stronger education community, not only for his grandchildren, but also for every student. He intends to utilize his skills to bring a fresh voice and perspective to the School Board. His educational background includes a Master of Science Degree in Performance Analysis. Although related to sport analysis, his degree has equipped him with the necessary skills to analyze structures, data and performance measures. This knowledge will enable Neil to critically think and execute plans to improve the delivery of the education program in Langley.

Neil is an independent candidate.

Candidate profile not yet received.
Marnie WilsonMarnie Wilson is seeking re-election for a second term as School Trustee in the Township of Langley. Having parented two children through the Langley school system, been an employee of the Langley School District as an Education Assistant and having been President of CUPE 1260 the union representing support staff in the school district, Marnie has learned the importance of consultation, collaboration and transparency.

In her current role as Vice Chair of the Langley Board of Education, Marnie has heard from students, parents, and staff regarding a range of issues such as safety in schools, employee engagement, burnout, the mental health crises, community consultation, and a need for additional resources in classrooms. Marnie’s experience makes her a perfect candidate to do the work needed to address those issues. Marnie Wilson is committed to looking for progressive solutions that don’t just fix an immediate problem but promote future opportunities.

Rod RossGrowing District Needs New Schools

I am concerned about our future. I can see a future need for facilities in particular in the Willoughby area where growth is going through the roof.

Earthquake Preparedness

Langley Schools have appropriate emergency preparedness protocols in place and yet they have not been tested. I am concerned that we are ill prepared for the "Big One". My belief is that schools will be expected to support the broader community that it lives within. Therefore our level of preparedness needs to be elevated to go beyond our school walls.

Cyber Security Risk

Warrent Buffet says, "Cyber is unchartered territory and it's going to get worse not better."

I regularly ask for updates on our cyber-security status in our audit/finance committee. As the world struggles through this we need to ensure the safety of our computer information systems to protect sensitive personal information.

W: E: M: 604-866-6895

Charlie FoxCharlie Fox has lived in Langley for 49 years, moving to Langley in 1973 to take a teaching position. Charlie and his wife Diane both worked in the District. They have two children, both educated in the Langley District and now 2 grandchildren in the District. Charlie’s daughter is a teacher/administrator in the Langley School District. Charlie has always been committed to the public education system and continues to do so today.

Charlie spent his working in the Langley School District in both the elementary and secondary. He worked in a variety of schools within the Township which has given him a good working knowledge of the community, and how each sub-community differs in its needs and configurations and how this is reflected in the local schools. In 2005 Charlie ran for Township of Langley Council and served until October 2018.

Charlie is an independent candidate with no ties to other candidates or electoral organization.

Web-site – E-mail;

Joel Neufeld

Joel is a first responder in Surrey. He is a long-time community volunteer, living in Fort Langley with his wife and daughter who has just started her Grade 1 school year.

Joel has been an advocate for schools keeping up with development. He understands the need for the school trustees and councillors to work together to address problems that growth has caused in Langley that impact families every day. Proper sidewalks, access to recreational programming and securing land for desperately needed new schools are issues Joel is committed to solving.

Joel Neufeld is running to help provide solutions. To navigate steps to a vision for our district that is in line with our rapid growth. He will ensure there is a plan for schools the next 20 years to meet the needs of families that live in Langley and the ones that will be moving into the area.

Telephone: 604-308-8372
Facebook: @contractwithlangley